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GGS in our Homes!!??

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By what great fortune do we get to have Guru Granth Sahib in our homes? What are your thoughts? How are we to keep the guru at home. Space is so limited with so many people. We have a small room with the takhat posh and a smal version of a sukhassan palang. How are we supposed to clean the beer, like from dust etc and what about rumalas? I know some people use a cloth and wipe the pages. Is that the norm, or is there another way? It seems the ink gets blured or starts to fade. Any thoughts maybe even from the lives of the gurus or sants? When we do something for guru jee. like make a palki, bed etc etc how do we know it is accepted how do we know we are not upsetting or hurting satgurus saroop? Hey NEO singh what do the sants that you have read about or met say about this???? No offence when I was asking about sant teja singh I merely needed to know to clear my own doubts. So Sorry for hurting anyones feelings!!!

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Well, actually I am not sure about any of the things you asked above.

But this is something to look at as well.

I have seen numerous examples in reality/

Say, you are the only one ...in your home who is amrithdhari/gursikh, rest of your family eats meat/drink ....and so forth..

If you keep the SGGS in your home, its like you've set a mini gurudwara in your house, yeah?

So its like not really proper, when the whole "janta" ( a better word sangat in your home) isn't devoted.

Some people may argue that if Guru is in Sukhasan, and in a separate room, with the door closed, then what you do in your kitchen is up to you and your personal conscience. But, what about those "gaps" and so forth in the doors and all that..?? :roll: :roll:

Anyone else out there get what I am trying come across...

Hopefully :LOL: 8)

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Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

although I don't know what my own stand is on this issue, i wanna share what i heard at gurudwara last sunday.

the uncle ji was saying...we worry too much about not being able to fully respect Guru Granth Sahib Ji and if we keep thinkin like that, we wont ever be able to have Guru Sahib Ji at our home. The whole point is to receive guidance from the Guru when you're not exactly the best of a Sikh...we think we can only have Guru Sahib Ji at our home when we're the best of Gursikhs we can be...If we wait till we think the conditions are suitable enough to have the Guru at home, it may just be too late! Keep in mind allllll the different kinds of people the previous 10 Gurus met..do you think Guru Sahibs flat out rejected meeting and interacting with them? ...and what about all those people whose lives were completely changed after having met Guru Sahibs and listening/reading their sweet bani. In the end, it's just a matter of how much love you have for the Guru. :sikhiwink2: <<that's just the cutest..

chardee kalaaa

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

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