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Game of the Games

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The Game Of Games…

Why is there so much Dukh in our lives? This is a question that many people

may ask. When we decide to become Sikhs, we say to ourselves that

'hopefully, now my Dukh will cease!' We turn to Guru Jee to take our Dukh

away. But if Guru Jee says Dukh Daaroo, Sukh Roarg Paiyaa - 'Pain is the

remedy, Happiness is the Disease' do we really want Guru Jee to take our

Dukh away? What Guru Jee means is that we remember God in hard times

but we forget Him when things are going well...so if being Dukhi serves as a

reminder of Guru Jee then this truly is the remedy!

We may say that 'Guru Jee! All I wanna do is LOVE you!' Our soul cries out

and says 'I want nothing else, but to LOVE YOU.' Then what does Guru Jee

say back to us? Guru Jee says:



If You Want To Play This Game Of Love, Then Come Into My Court

With Your Head In Your Palm

If we TRULY want nothing else but to love Him, then we have to make the

sacrifice of our head first. We could then say 'Whoa! That's a pretty heavy

price to pay for the ability to love Him!' But we have to ask ourselves WHY

would Guru Jee say this?

Everyday we come across a challenge of some kind...things may seem so

hard, sometimes you are torn between right and wrong. We may be in a

situation where being Truthful may put our relationship with our loved ones in

jeopardy. This is when we may come out with 'Guru Jee! All I wanna do is

LOVE you, I can do without all these hassles!!' Then this is where the 'giving

of the head' concept hits home...it's like Guru Jee saying 'If you really want to

Love me, then you must live by the TRUTH and die by the TRUTH, for I am

TRUTH.' This is want loving Guru Jee is...He presents us with these 'tricky

situations' to bring us closer to Him...He helps us become detached from the

world and attached to Him.

He makes us say 'Guru Jee, I am just gonna be Truthful, I am gonna put it all

in your hands...I have faith enough to give my head.' This is where the phrase

'I'm putting my neck on the line for you' stems from...where you are prepared

to face the consequences for doing the right thing.

This is why Guru Jee wants us to give our head...it's not because He likes to

collect heads...it's because it helps us get closer to Him...giving our head to

Him isn't a favour/payment to Him...it is a favour to ourselves! Are we

prepared to put our 'necks on the line' for Guru Jee. Just like the countless

Singhs and Singhneea who really did just that...and what was their outcome?

In the eyes of the worldy person they were brutally murdered...but in the

spiritual realm they gained MUKHTEE (Freedom from this World). Which is

the REAL aim of ALL GURSIKHS.....

So if the consequence for being Truthful is seemingly negative in the

physical...it isn't that way in the spiritual! After we say 'EK ONKAAR (There is

One God)' we say SATNAAM - 'His Name Is TRUTH' Then if His Name is

TRUTH then we must try and be Truthful ourselves.

The Taking of Amrit is the first step in the 'Head Giving' journey. It is our

promise to Guru Jee, that from this day forward we will not use our own

heads, but HIS! After Amrit, we may think to ourselves 'that's it! I've given my

head to Guru Jee' but it doesn't end there...the process of giving our head is

one that lasts throughout our lifetime. It is falsehood to believe that once we

have taken Amrit we are now super-enlightened people. If we continue to let

our own MAT (thinking) to dominate our decisions then we haven't really given

our head...we must give our head to Guru Jee EVERYDAY. Because

everyday is a battle between Gurmat and Manmat....we have to sacrifice our

Manmat in order for our Gurmat to come through...

We continue to receive 'training' from Guru Jee in the form of Dukh and

Sukh...it is just that now we have been blessed by Gurmat, to pass the

training we must use this tool...and to use this tool all we gotta do is say 'Here

Guru Jee you deal with this, because I (Me/Mai/Houmai) am incapable.' This

is what it means to give our head.....


I Have Abandoned All Doors, I Have Come To Your Door


Take Me By My Arm, For I Have Become Your Servant

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