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Sant Smagam 17 July Saturday 6-10Pm


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Mahapuraks are gathering in one Gurughar for a Sant Smagam, if you would like to take the laha please attend poster is attached below.

for those not logged in

1. Sant Jagjit Singh Harkowal

2.Sant Mohinder Singh (Guru Nanak Nishkam Sevak Jatha)

3. Sant Joginder Singh Domelivale

4. Sant Labh Singh ji Kar seva Quila Anandgarh sahib Anandpur

5. Sant Avtar Singh Badnikalan

and Giani Harbans Singh Paramhans will be attending. Kirtanees will be also attending to many to list.

This event has been led and organised by the mahapuraks themselves, its a once in a life event where you will see many mahapuraks together on one stage



17 JULY SATURDAY 2010 6-10PM

Vaheguru has blessed us with this smagam


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Sant Jagjit Singh Ji Harkowal shared the history and jeevani of Sant Maharaj Singh Ji and Sant Bir Singh Ji. Sant Avtar Singh Ji & Giani Harbans Singh Ji did Katha of what a Mahpursh is and examples from the lives of Mahpursh they did sangat with in Taksaal.

was an excellent programme Jee. especially considering it was planned at the last minuite. GuruGhar was packed. i'm sure audio & images will be put on a website soon.


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