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Is Anyone Familiar With The Details Of Ramayan From A Hindu Source?

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I'm reading Ram Avtaar from the Dasam Granth. I was wondering if any of the sangat is familiar with the details of the original Hindu text Ramayan so we could compare the similarities and divergences between the accounts of Ram Chandar's story from both sources?

Let me know.

Also does anyone know if Ram Chandar was a Panjabi?

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Also does anyone know if Ram Chandar was a Panjabi?

Its said he was born in Ayodha somewhere in central-ish India. However, his sahibzade both lived in PB later on. Apparently, Luv settled in what is now known as Lahore.(originally named after him)

With the original Panjabs links to the rishis, vedas , shaastras etc i wouldn't be suprised if they did have a strong link to PB.

Cant give sources as its what I've read generally, ages ago.

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Valli Singh from this forum did his masters thesis(if I remember correctly) on a comparrision between Ramayan and Ram avatar in Dasam Granth... Send him a PM

Seriously! Wow.

Thanks, although I haven't seen him post in a while.

I was seriously considering finding some Hindu forum, maybe in India for this purpose.

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Im not sure where he went. Him and Jsingh96 just dissapereaed.

I sent him a PM, he hasn't been online since Feb. Maybe he'll get it?

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