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~Discussion With Sant Jagjit Singh Ji Harkhowale At Trip To Toronto 2010~

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Gurfateh Sadh Sangat Ji,

What a blissful week is been for me and others who spent time with Sant Jagjit Singh Ji Harkhowale. Sant Ji is loving great soul/ maha atma and always eager to clear any doubts anyone may have on various subjects on sikh theology, gurmat sidhant and social life/diet issues.

There were many questions youth on this forum and others had for sant jagjit singh ji harkhowale. Unfortunately, due to time constraints not all questions were answered, but most of underlining deep theological questions were covered either in the past recording or in this recording.

Anyway here are the list of questions which were answered and covered (Not in any particular order).

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~Discussion with Sant Jagjit Singh Ji Harkhowale at trip to toronto 2010~

Download link:


- Are there any methods Sant Ji can share with us on how to reduce / defeat sleep?

- Is naam nirgun vahiguroo? Or naam has lashkhans of nirgun? Is nirgun is only naam or sargun saroop?

- What is bhaguati? What is chandi? What is shakta and shakti? Does gurmat believe in existence of shakta and shakti? Is gurmat acknowledges shakti concept which is shared by hindu dharams?

- A child 18 months old dies of a cot death , why ? why take such a life at a very young age? .... an earth/sunami quake kills thousands of innocent people , why ? If god exists and our ultimate aim is to be one with waheguru, why didnt GOD protect the innocent ?

- If there is one GOD , why cant a person meditate /pray as they are i.e. could be amritdari , white , black , skin head , short hair ... why make a physical change ?

- Do we feel the effects of Gurbani more when it is sung in traditional way than recited?

- There are many Vidiya (Sciences) to learn, ranging from spiritual to worldly to warfare, for Singhs of Guru Gobind Singh Ji what are their order of importance and how do they relate to each other?

- Shabad Guru, Mahpursh, Ustaad/Gurdev, Shastars, etc how does one show satkaar in order to receive the most blessings?

- How is a sikh living in the west supposed to integrate in sorrounding society. Is it a religious duty to involve himself in local/state politics etc or should involvement mostly be centered around gurdwara and sikh parchaar?

- Can you also ask him if the effect of getting up at 12 AM and staying awake from 11 AM- 4 AM is the same, especially for students who are staying up until 4 am ?

- In Gurbani, vak comes- Sat Guru Bina Hor Kachi Hae Bani. From Sikh maryada point of view(pakh) without question without gurbani everything else can be consider kachi bani. But from sikh adhyatam point of view, what constitutes as kachi bani? Ie- Can poetry/one’s anubhav of nirgun, dharna parchar of vahiguroo ji by bhramgyani mahapursh can be consider “kachi bani” ? Can you give me more vichar on athanka of – sat guru bina hor kachi hai bani?

- is that panj kakkari rehat is usually a significance to saint/soldier lifestyle of the Khalsa. How would Gurmat occupy those that do not want to be soldiers but what to just focus on sainthood? Is kakkar rehat still important to keep for them?

- If Raag is the hukam of the Guru, what are Sant Ji's views on Kirtan sung in filmy tunes?

- What if an Amritdhari does not know or is unsure they have committed a kurehit (e.g. accidently/unknowingly eaten meat, for arguments sake playing with scissors and it has come really close to their beard and they realise afterwards but are unsure if any rom has been cut, possibly drank coke and not sure if there was a hint of alcohol etc.)? Would this person need to retake amrit? Would they die a bemukh?

- Baba Ji mentioned yesterday that during the incident at Baghdad when Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji took Pir Dastgir's son with him to show the existance fo the lakh patals and Akash they brought backa abata of Karah Parashad. Baba Ji mentioned this 'Dargahi Bata' is still in existence and has been passed to the continue lineage of Pirs as the sakhi is retold. Can Baba Ji tell us which samparda/pir its with today and the location?

- what should we as individuals do to prepare for whats coming?? (ie potential world war, famines etc)

ask him for details beyond just an answer of 'more abhyaas and learn shastervidya'

- How important is shastar vidya? At times during practise, many singhs take off your kara or kirpan so it does not hit others? is that kurahit?

- Also, are the 5 khands in JapJi sahib ji actual places, a state of mind (avasthha), or both?

- Srimaan 108 Naabh Kanwal Raja Sahib Ji (Sant Baba Bhagwan Das Ji) and their successor Sant Baba Preetam Das Ji? Is their any successor now? Did either of them ever take Khande Di Pahul? And can they also tell us a little something on Bhagwan Bilaas? Also, why were they referred to as "Nabh Kanwal" Raja Sahib Ji?

-If someone has done nindiya of a sant, but regrets it afterwards will they still go to hell (as per Bhagat Ravidas Ji Baani in Raag Gond)?

-In the diary of Sant Isher Singh Ji Rara Sahib, he talks of the 4 types of tyag, the 3rd being Sargun Saroop Hari da tyag. However, Nanaksar is based on Sargun Upaasnaa. Please can Sant Ji clarify this?

- Normally its consider anandmaykosh is always an sheat in the mind and obstacle, how can we come across with that obstacle when guru maharaj ji talks about anand in anand sahib?

- Many beleive 5 elements, sub elements, 5 koshas, gyan of atma, three layers of body is hinduvaad?

- Many beleive puratan samparda's interprets gurbani via advaita vedanta of adi sankarcharya? What is your view?

- Many beleive, after mukhti of an sikh, sikh still maintains its own vajood(consciousness) yet still be in sachkhand? If there was no vajood, atma would be annihalated in vahiguroo which is contary to gurmat.??

- Is Braham Kavach bani?

- Is it true that Shaheed Baba Deep Singh did sawa lakh of this bani and havan before departing to protect Harimandir Sahib?

- Why was Sri Sarbloh Granth written? What is the unique phul of this Granth? Is it all Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji's bani?

-Did Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji do havan of Devi before creating the Khalsa Panth to aid them as it says in puratan granths?

-what does Sant Ji think about "Sanatan Sikhi", i.e., the attempt by some to Hindufy Sikh?

-How should one do shastar puja?

-What bania should one recite for power to fight in jang?

-Can Sant Ji suggest some sort of tapasya like the Sharda Pooran sadhanas (i.e., recite x bani y times for z number of days) to increase and develop the kshatriya side of Sikhi?

-What is the full maryada to do a chalisa?

-Some people have suggested that the world will end in 2012 or so. What does Sant Ji believe will happen in the world in the next decade or so?

-When will kaljug end?

- On average how long is charci lakh joon?

-Some people say that Guru Gobind singh ji was not the sargun saroop of waheguru they say that guru gobind singh said if you call me god you will fall in the pit of hell. How can guru ji throw you in hell by calling him god?

In gurbani it says this below, can santji please do veechar of this ."mau ko parmeswar jo uchare te sab narak kund main jaaye” (Can't seem to find the gurbani for this)

Those who call me God, will fall into the deep pit of hell.

-Is raagmala true or kachi bani?

- Bhagat dhanna did bhagti of a stone that a brahmin pandit gave him. He observed the stone as god but isn't worshipping a stone against gurmat and how did he meet god by this anti gurmat practice?

-Sant ji told us in the past recording that says a person who doesn't meet waheguru in this life will get another chance of human life in the next as long as they did bhagti and kept rehit. Anyway the question is how long does one have to wait to get a chance of human life again?

- Can we get detailed description of deit of sikh who is behingum and sikh who is gristhi?

- To the path to bhramgyan- are there different stages of jaigaso or sadhu going towards bhramgyani?

- what is dastar bandi ceremony? How does it get performed? Please tell us about more about this ceremony?

- Nanak Satguru Bhetiya Pooraie Hovaie Jugat, Hasandaie Khelendaiya Pehendiya Kavandaiya viche hovaie Mukht ||

Please give us visthar vichar on this above tuk? How does jaigaso be nirlaip from maya and consider this duniya mithiya yet still be happy- hasandaie khelendiya, pehendiya, kavandaie?

- Please explain in visthar different types of karam? Like meaning- sanchit, kariman, and paralabdh karam?

- How does surat merge with shabad? Surat jog with shabad kivaie?

- How can one control our mind with prana?

-What is difference between Tibetan Buddhism and Gurmat?

- Some people have doubts that sargun is nirgun, they think its just mere pasara of nirgun, sargun is not nirgun? Can you explain little more in depth with gurbani quotes, how does nirgun relate to sargun? In gurmat sidhant, both upasana of nirgun and sargun are parvan ? or only nirgun di upasana?

-what is nirgun upasana? And what is sargun upasana?

- Why do we stand up in ardas...what is the reason for standing?

- What is the essence of sikhi? simple and plain

- Also some penji believe that before taking amrit they should have laser hair treatment on the face and then take amrit as they believe guruji will forgive them for it since they have taken it before amrit. Is this right and allowed?

- If one does penance in this age while combined with bhagti will it be worth more value than just doing bhagti on it's own?

- How can you conquer/completely or control the panj chor?


References- Questions and Answers thread from Last few years from year- 2007-2009



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No worries Veer Ji.

Assuming you have installed it?

If so you should be able to right click the zip file and a menu should appear which gives you the option to use 7zip to extract the zip file to a location.

PM me if you need more of a step by step. I'm derailing a beautiful topic!

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That was the best explanation of yugas I've ever heard.

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There is no worse hell than being seperated from the beloved.

All other versions of hell in my opinion are an attempt at making people understand, a means to an end. It's irrelevant if they are real of metaphoric.

As a wise Sufi once said in his deep understanding of Islam... we all create our own hells and our heavens, the versions portrayed in Semetic and Indian beliefs, not to mention every other faith (inc tribal) in the world, being perfect examples of the prevailent era/culture/environment dictating the nature of Heaven & Hell.

For a Gursikh, the realisation of being without naam, is hell.

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i think personally, they are metaphoric (state of mind) as well as literal. imagine being reincarnated onto a world just like earth but ruled by communists who suppress dharm and freedom. Or being reincarnated into subsaharan africa. Or a world ruled by secular humanists!!! Hell.

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Whats wrong with the Sahara, there are some amazing people who live amazing lives there.. to them the Sahara is paradise. The same is true for Inuits and the Northern Hemisphere, Aborigines and the Outback, Tribal Indians and the Amazon.

That is a perfect example of how people make their own hell.

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That was the best explanation of yugas I've ever heard.

The part about Shastar Puja is pretty cool also. It's especially cool since Sant ji is Nirmala-focused not a Nihang. For anyone who didn't listen to that part yet, Sant ji says that real shastar puja is cleaning and maintaining your shastar and learning how to use it. If you don't know how to use it, waving all the incense sticks in the world around your khanda will not help you one bit when you are forced to use it. It's a great reality check for those who confuse Shastar Puja with some empty ritual that will magically teach you to fight like you've got 8 arms and a tiger.

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Yeah, shastar puja was great stuff. I asked him if modern warfare can be replacement of shastar vidya, he said no. Shastar vidya is utmost essential regardless of modern warfare, weapons(Astars) and Ultimately, it comes down to hand to hand combat.

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No worries guys..need sangat blessing to continue to do this...On a side note...did I sound nervous? hehe....Even though sant ji is very loving soul..sometimes one get nervous and scared...there were some questions on bhog bilas some one send which I was planning to ask but when I got there..I was like there is no flipping hell..I am asking those Questions.

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No worries guys..need sangat blessing to continue to do this...On a side note...did I sound nervous? hehe....Even though sant ji is very loving soul..sometimes one get nervous and scared...there were some questions on bhog bilas some one send which I was planning to ask but when I got there..I was like there is no flipping hell..I am asking those Questions.

No, you sounded fine, it just seemed like you were translating the questions you'd written down in English into Punjabi on the fly (and you did a pretty good job). Sant ji scares the crap outta me! :D

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