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Birth of Khasla-Pretty Nifty

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Thought I wouldn't mind sharing this with you folks..

When the human is born,

God gives 5 fingers on each hand.

When the human is born,

God gives 5 toes on each foot.

When the human is born,

God gives 5 senses - touch, taste, smell, hearing

and sight.

Everything new created in this world is made of

5 elements - Earth, Water, Fire, Metal, Wood.

300 years ago 5 men sacrificed their lives to be reborn.

Like a new baby is given a new name,

these 5 men were given the new name Singh.

Like a new baby is dressed with new clothes,

these 5 men were dressed with a new identity,

the 5 k's - kesh, khanga, karra, kachha, kirpan.

These 5 men united represented,

- The birth of Khalsa -

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