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Granth On Waheguru Mantra

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I have heard of a granth written by a Nirmala pandit. In it he gives about 400 different definitions of the WAHEGURU mantra.

I think the chap's name may be Pandit Narayan SIngh Ji but am not sure.

I think it may also be in this book that he gives 24 different meanings of RAA'HAO.

Does anyone know what this granth is called and if its commonly available??

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Excellent cheers for the info.

DO you know of any info on Pandit Isher SIngh ji?

From what I've heard they were ridiculed and challenged that Sikhs mantra is superficial and doesn't hold any real meaning or depth. As a result of this criticism they started writing this granth. Once they got to 400 definitions they stopped, saying that is enough for the other pandits to get started with.

I couldn't find any details from the people that I asked and started to think that I've got this tid-bit of knowledge through akash-bani!

Do we have any details on Sant Gurbachan singhs work on Rahao?

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For the meanings of Rahao i suggest listening to the katha by Sant Giani Gurbachan Singh Ji on the shabad in the guru granth sahib ji that has the first rahao. You can hear them there.

The Waheguru Mantarath Granth actually has 500 meanings for the waheguru shabad. some of them are very lengthy. Hopefully it will be translated in the near future.

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But not the 'WOW GOD' meaning we was taught in Panjabi class aged 6!

What? Are you telling me this isn't right! lol

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