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Pakhawaj.......coolest Drum Ever

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This drum is something else. You have to listen to it with bassy headphones or speakers or you wont get it.

I would love to hear Jaap Sahib done using it!

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I heard Bhai Baldeep Singh playing the first chachri chand of Jaap sahib on pakhawaj! it was amazinnggg

Can I get this anywhere??

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Nice recital.

The style of the Pakavaj is near identical to Jori bol, which are used in traditional kirtan. The Jori is actually a Pakavaj which has been split in2, hence the difference in the drum shape,sound and playing style from the modern tabla.

Here is a nice example by 'Pinki'.

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Mithar is correct. The physical expression of the composition is simply and only that.

No code to decipher I'm afraid. What he is actually doing most of the time is raising and lowering his hands on line with going up and down a saptak. He wavers at one level when he is performing a murkhi (small varition on 3 or 4 notes) and when he is stuttering his hand going up or down, he is executing a gamak meend. His hands are simply drawing a graph in thin air so to say.

If anyone wants to see the King of gestures, look up Bhai Amerjit Singh (Nanaksar Vale) who is based on London.

You will most certainly have not ever seen anything like it (nor will you again)!

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