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I agree on McLeod's earlier stuff. But the whole purpose of Harjot Oberoi who gets lumped in with the 'McLeodian school' was to explode the orientalist notions of Sikhi still prevalent in western academia by presenting the reality on the ground in the pre and post British era Punjab. He absolutely succeeds!

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On 9/2/2010 at 2:45 AM, dalsingh101 said:

I don't know why we can't have masses of these types today as converts, will help in conversions for people who can't commit to the full Khalsa lifestyle for whatever reason. Could help us up numbers enormously in the west.


It just seems like common sense, especially seeing as so many Panjabi Sikhs are sehajdhari now anyway?


I heard there was another guy like this before as well called Diwan Kaura Mal, who used to help the Khalsa during the Moghul oppression.


How comes we got so strict? I know Khalsa sant soldier is the apex form of Sikhi, but leeway for others seems to have always been there, why not now?

The only thing stopping sikhi from becoming a sect of hinduism is the disipline, identity, our history and criticism of hindu practises. No religion solely based out of india can survive if it has leniency. What's the point of increasing our numbers if the people are not committed. We want sant sipahi's not people who sell out their religion at the sight of danger or the 5 choors, kaam (lust), krodh (wrath), lobh (greed), moh (attachment to phyiscal things inclduing people) and ahankar (ego/ pride). A major part of sikhi is commitment and discipline, if you can't follow the teachers of sggs (sri guru granth sahib) than why call yourself a sikh? Just go be a hindu. There are only a small number of sikhs because their is only a few lions in a forest! If every 2nd person starts calling themself a sikh except destroy the sikh identity, of truthful hardworkers who fight tyranny and injustice, help people in need and walk with their head in their hand for their religion! We don't want a bunch of cowards, people who commit sins, choors , dakhoos etc. 
If the sikh identity is destroyed than sikhi will follow it very quickly.
Sehajdhari's follow some of the teachings of sikhi or they are new to sikhi or they are on the path of becoming sikhs/ want to learn more/ commit more before they take amrit.
the full "khalsa lifestyle" is what makes sikhi, sikhi. If you let any tom dick or harry be sikhs while not following sikhi than sikhi will be no more.

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since this thread has been brought back..


I am wondering the importance of khanday dee pahul for Nirmalay The original 5 Nirmala sikhs were Singhs right, but were exempt from some rehit such as shastar due to the circumstances? 

However, we are no longer in those circumstances, so do Nirmala Singhs keep some shastar rehit, such as keeping the basic kirpaan? I read about a historical incident where some Nirmala Singhs got beaten up by Nihangs, because these Nirmalay weren't wearing their kakkars.

Also can someone join Nirmalas without taking Khanday dee Pahul, or would someone take Pahul to become a member of a Nirmala ashram or Akhara (is akhara an appropriate term)? Are there Nirmala groups which don't take pahul anymore? I read in history that the King of Patiala made Nirmalas take Pahul when creating an organisation or jathebandi for them, which seemed to point at them not taking mandatory Khanday dee Pahul before that?

Also I do know that Singhs used to switch between Nirmala and Nihang sampradaiye now and then, probably still happens.

Also did Nirmala Singhs attend Sarbat Khalsa organised by the Dal Khalsa, how would Nirmala Singhs have been viewed after Khalsa was organised into Budha Dal and Tarna Dal by Nawab Kapur Singh? 

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