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Hey ..Singhs Wid Gunz Bhaji


This is what I could find for you.

I hope it helps.

There is a book called "Style of The Lion" that does have a section with step by step directions with photo's on tying a turban. You can get the book from gtent@newmexico.com.

But in the meanwhile, you could try this..Doesn't hurt to try.

For now try....gauze or thin white cotton....5-6 yards...stetch with another person and roll it or fold it into a 4 inch strip. Then take one end and put it into your mouth as you stretch the cloth from the back of your neck over your head to the front. Continue wrapping it over your head on an angle as you layer the wraps graduating the pieces.(Over lapping each piece only half so you keep entending the turban over your entire head. When you head is fully covered, take the end in your mouth out. It will be like a tail at the back of your neck. Pull on this tail and open the top part of it to cover the top of your head. Then tuck the end in the back center of the turban to lock all the pieces in place

Courtesy of: Sikhnet.com

Hope this helps :oops::oops:

I am out for now, Paji

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Practise is the Key to perfect pagh tieing.

I wore my first pagh when i went to enroll in college, and when i was tieing the pagh at home, i couldn't get it right. It tried and tried and tried

but still couldn't get it right. Then i said Look Rab ji if i don't get it right this time then i am not enrolling for the course.

In the end i did tie a decent looking pagh ( Bingi but looked fyne to me) and went for enrollment.

Now i can tie my pugh under 5 minutes and its of perfect shape. Also because of the way i tie it now the pagh keeps its shape for two days if i don't mess about with it. One day i went to sleep in the afternoon while wearing the pagh and when i woke up, the pagh was not messed up at all.

Neways In my free time i always practise tying the pagh and learning to tie it in a new style. It quite fun.

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