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Is Reading The Guru Doing Naam Simran?

Is Reading The Guru Doing Naam Simran?  

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  1. 1. Is Reading The Guru Doing Naam Simran?

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Sorry to interfere again.

Das is a looser a big looser. Just a few points yet in unstable mind of das.

Is Gur and Guru the same ?

Is Wahiguru destination or way ? Same true for Panj Piares?

Sampradas are liberal, when it comes to Sanatan Sikhs.

owner of site santsipahi.in S. Hari Singh Matharu once qouted from Tenth Master, Tume Tumara Khob, Hame Hamara.

Just a few thoughts from uneasy mind of das. Forgive his mistakes.

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Balbir "Singh" is just another wannabe cult leader, I don't know why any of you are even responding to his ridiculous questions. Of course he will say all our kathavachaks (preachers as he calls them) are wrong, all of our history is wrong, even our Gurmantar is wrong, because he wants to replace it with his own mental ravings and verbal diarrhoea. And, of course, only Balbir Singh has the "real" Gurmantar because he is really, really special (at least in his own confused and lonely mind).

Seriously, just ignore the fool. The questions he poses every now and again are not really questions (he will eventually answer them himself according to his own manmati bullshit), but bait on which to hook his future chelay.


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