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Ik-Oankar Satgur Prasad!

Sri Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

Guru Roop Guru Pyaree Sadh Sangat Ji, with kirpa of Satguru Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj: This year in the UK sangata are performing Jaap of Akaal Ustat in the run up to Divali, as is the maryada at Sachkhand Sri Hazoor Sahib.

Anyone wishing to participate can send a pm or email: jaap@nihangsingh.org stating how many Akaal Ustat you would like to do.

An Akaal Ustat will be read by Giani Mehtab Singh at the Divali Jorh Mela and and Ardas will be done for completion of Akaal Ustat Jaap and Sehaj Path.

An Ardas will also be done at Sachkhand Sri Hazoor Sahib for the chardi kala of all those who participated in the Akaal Ustat Jaap.

The Ardas for the Bhog of the Jaap will be performed at Divali Jorh Mela UK:


Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa!

Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

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Akal Ustat Seva Society,Delhi affiliated to Takhta Hajur Sahib and Patna Sahib and with full backing of Gyani Sher Singh Ambala and Gyani Gurmit Singh Damdami Taksal, organizes the Path of Shri Akal Ustat Sahib in Delhi and adjoining regions like Faridabad.

If some one is interested to participate kindly contact Bhai Param Jeet Singh Khalsa on his mobile 0091-(0)9911660821

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Das is thank full to one of the member of This forum, who helped him a lot during his ailment. Only after his permission das will give his name.Any way lets get back to Path of Shri Akal Ustat Sahib. In Delhi, free Gutka distribution of the same is also done. Prakash of Shri Dasam Guru Darbar in homes is also encouraged.

Some times clash with left oriented Sikhs opposing Dasam Guru Darbar also occurs. This is something sad. There has been a new Niitnem Gutka published by left oriented missionaries which has only Bani from Adi Guru Darbar and they have tried to change Amrit Sanchar Banis also.

But das does not like voilent reaction from either side. Singhs like Veer Amarjit Singh Ji of Nanak Phulwaris are often objected and forced to stop doing Katha even if he utters the name of Shri Dasam Granth or Baba Sri Chand Ji. S. Tarsem Singh, Head of Dharam Prachar Committee are using whole of his office against Sri Dasam Granth Sahib Ji, while Bhai Daljeet Singh Ji, Chairman Dharam Prachar youth and education differ from S. Tarsem Singh Ji on this issue.

Akali Dal Badal is a divided house, Though Sangat has a strong dislike for Mr Sarna, who heads the party ruling DSGMC, of which S. Tarsem Singh Ji are the part, yet, Mr Sarna has made a prepartion to return via back door entry by making a another dummy Akali Dal Delhi UK, which may stand against Akali Dal Delhi of Mr Sarna but will ,merge with Mr Sarna after the election so S. Tarsem Singh Ji will continue for four more years, likewise, they are trying to over take sgpc also.Akal may bless us

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