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The History Of Sikhs In Iran

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Das has a friend who is a Sikh from Iran. He has been forwarded the question.

his email id is jagjivanjot@gmail.com.

As per Him the trading Sikhs from frontier first went to Afghanistan and then to Iran. He will give more details.

Anyway in Zaidan, there is a Shamshan/cremation ground run by Sikhs and used by Indians ,Chinese etc.


vd Singh

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Ok thats interesting. It would be interesting to see if there is a small sikh population that has been there since the times of the Gurus.

I might be going to Teheran to work for 5-6 months so at the same time I thought it could be interesting to maybe write my thesis on the sikh community in Iran living under islamic rule

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a very interesting article. good find amardeep.

here is a little passage from some sikh women living in iran :

"Wearing a scarf over your head each time you step out of your home and keeping one’s hair covered is rather cumbersome but one gets used to it by and by. That is the custom and things have markedly improved on the dress code front, thanks to the progressive Iranian women," say Sikh women.

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