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What have Sikhs done for civilization?


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Dear People,

Just out of curiosity, I would like to know what sikhs have done for civilization? I have read many books on sikhism and how our ancestors made sacrifices for their faith, but still havent found what sikhs have done at this time. I heard fiber optic was invented by a sikh but still not sure..

I would be very grateful if everyone could contribute and list a few things what sikhs have achieved in this day and age.

Thank you

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Guru Gobind Singh brought the sword, to fight oppression and injustice

Guru Nanak scattered the light of truth everywhere -- he's the one who established Sikhism and encouraged equality -- regardless of caste, race, religion, background, gender, etc.

All of the Gurus brought back womans rights to India. Prior to Sikhi's formation, woman were bought and sold in India and basically deemed as cattle. They were given no respect -- there were customs like Sati (when a wife has to burn herself alive upon the death of her husband) and so much more. The Gurus were against all of these things and Guru Gobind Singh claimed that woman were also saint-soldiers and that when a man OR a woman takes Amrit, both are Singhs. A woman is a Singh first, and a Kaur second.

Also, Guru Amar Daas created Manji's for preaching Sikhi, and he gave appx. 26 of those seats over to woman -- when normally woman were never allowed to preach religion, let alone leave their homes. For the first time as far as I can remember, it was our own Gurus who gave the same rules and rehat to men and woman alike. I haven't heard of any other era, civilization, or religion in which there was this much equality. There are like 50 more stories about how Sikhi demonstrated equality in all aspects.

Our Gurus created the Langar ceremony -- where all of the congregation could come together as one, regardless of any distinctions, and eat together. Here, for the first time, beggars and kings sat side by side, as brothers/sisters.

Sikhs were (to the best of my knowledge) the first ones to create a Red Cross system -- Bhai Ganaya served water and aided defeated soldiers of both sides in battles

There were MANNNY Sikhs who fought in the two world wars, many Sikh doctors, lawyers, engineers, teachers, writers, who have fought for justice and lived true Sikhi while helping others.

In the Independance of India, more than 80% of India's army was comprised of Sikhs, because of their great bravery. Much of India's wealth also comes from Sikh farmers in Punjab. (isn't it kind of strange that even though sikhs have contributed so greatly to india, they've still been treated like slaves in a land which is supposedly their own?)

If you're gearing more towards Sikhs that inveted certain things, well my brain isnt really working right now, but ill try to get back to you on it

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Namdhari like Bhai Ram Singh introduced the concept of non-violent protest. Without him there may never have been a Gandhi, or even Martin Luther King, without them the world situation may have been very different.

Considering the tiny size of Sikhs in comparison to other groups (there are even more wiccans than sikhs) they have contributed far over what they are expected to, for humanity.

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Don't know if people know this but Guru Harkrishan ji Took care of Sick people ( sick with small pox ) . He was very young when he was given gurship. Guru ji later died after catching the illness himself. But it shows how Our Gurus always put other before themselves.

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