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Is mouth washing alright??..Or Forbidden?

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alchohol is bad according to gurmat but why , because when we consume alchohol we loose our senses . when u mouthwash you are not effecting your senses or nething like that.it doesnt effect your nervous system in any way.

so to say alchohol is bad its not the case , its the effects of alchohol that are bad.

we should try and understand the message of guru's and not make issues out of non issues.

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HONEY: You have a problem with unfresh mouth?Eat honey Pyareo.It tastes great and keeps mouth microbes in balance.If you have bad breath problem, stay away from bananas and eat honey.Put honey on your morning cereal, and you'll see the difference! :D

ALCOHOL: Alcohol is still absorbed into bloodstream through the inside mouth tissues, cheeks, under the tongue etc.So is glucose I think.

Amans you said:

We take medicines and they contain a limited dozage of alchohal or other intoxicants like brandy etc etc.

True, some do, but in most cases you can find non-alcoholic medecines.But I've never come across any medecine with brandy in it :?: :?

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