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Are we really Guru Granth Sahib followers

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fateh ji,

we can improve our selfs instead of trying to improve sikhi

i think, improving ourself will automaticaly improves sikhi. all v can do is ardas n paath jee. v r doing paath 2 improve ourself, 2 clean our mind, inner soul.v r all fakes. jus trying 2 be sikh by doing paath , naam simran n ardas. guru will do kirpa.witout his kirpa or blesings, v cant be a better sikh.

"mein nirgun gun nahi koi"

nanak deejeh naam daan rakhon heeyeh paroye"

"kar kirpa vaso mereh hirdeh hoye sahaye aap"

when guru will do his kirpa , then only v will follow true path.

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