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I have noticed that sometimes when you go the gurudwara..at the end of the path they usually give the sangat parshaad or patas??

Does that just vary by gurudwaras? Or is there special significant value behind each of them??- and also what is the point of parshad-not that I'm saying its a bad thing, cuz the parshaad at the gurudwaras is soooooooooo good, :wink: :wink: , but ...why do they give parshad??..

Reply if you can enlighten me on this one. :wink:

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parshad was first introduced by shri guru nanak dev ji maharaj, the distribution of parshad shows the elimination of class and heirachy of the sangat, they all accept parshad sittin at the same level and from the same bowl

its also a symbolision that all gurus gifts (parshad) are sweet :wink:

fateh ji

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