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Sant Waryam Singh Jis Books


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Added today are the following books by Sant Waryam Singh Ji and the Atam Marg foundation


Amar Gatha

Steeks & Teekas

Japji Sahib Puratan Teeka

Hovai Anand Ghuna (Baramaha)


Abinashi Jot 01

Abinashi Jot 02

Agam Agochar Da Marg

Amar Gatha

Amrit Bachan Sadh Ki Bani

Amrit Fuhar

Anand May Jiwan Jach

Andarli Khoj

Anubhavi Parvachan

Baat Agam Ki Volume 01

Baat Agam Ki Volume 02

Baat Agam Ki Volume 04

Baat Agam Ki Volume 07

Babaniya Kahania

Bhagat Prehlad

Bhagwat Gita

Guru Amardas Parsiyai

Himalayan Santan Sung Nivas

Karam Bhandhan Toon

Kiv Sachiara Hoiyai 01

Kiv Sachiara Hoiyai 02

Kiv Sachiara Hoiyai 03

Manukh Tan Da Paryojan

Patarkar De Question

Sewa Simran Jugtiya

Shabad Surat Marg


Yoga Uppar Lecture

Atam Marg Magazines

May 2011

June 2011

Please take your time to read the compelling works esp the Baat Agam Ki series (although only 4 books are up at the moment)


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Amardeep Singh, no help from anyone although i would love it but its too demanding, anyway

Also added today are five videos of Sant Waryam Singh Jis divans on the following links




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