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Time To Forgive And Move On: Chidambaram To Sikhs

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Time to forgive and move on: Chidambaram to Sikhs

NEW DELHI: Seeking to put behind memories of the 1984 anti-Sikh riots, home minister P Chidambaram on Saturday said the country has moved on since the tragic incident and that it was time to forgive and build a new India. "It is time that we forgive and move on to build a new India where every citizen irrespective of faith has equal place," he said, addressing a function to felicitate him for his role in removing names of 142 Sikhs from a 'Black list' .

"We have moved on when Rajiv Gandhi was the prime minister, we have moved on subsequently, we have moved on when Manmohan Singh made that poignant speech asking for forgiveness, we moved on since Sonia Gandhi became Congress president ," he said. The home minister was referring to Singh's speech in Parliament in 2005 where he apologized to the Sikh community for the incident.

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Can’t forgive the killers: Riot victims

Tribune News Service

Patiala/Ludhiana, June 26

Rejecting P Chidambaram’s advice to the Sikh community to forget the bitter memories of the 1984 riots and move on, families of several victims, who shifted to Ludhiana after the carnage, said they could never overcome the tragedy.

‘‘Our wounds continue to bleed as justice eludes us. Our dear ones were tortured and killed and our world was shattered. We cannot forget the 1984 riots and forgive those responsible,’’ was the common refrain of the women widowed in the anti-Sikh riots.

Charanjit Kaur, a woman who lost seven members of her family, including her husband, two sons and brothers-in-law, recalled the nightmare: ‘‘We were ruined. They were burnt alive. My one-day-old son was snatched from my lap and stabbed.’’

Gurdial Kaur, a 70-year-old woman, who lost her two sons in the riots, said, ‘‘We often wake up in the middle of the night in panic as we continue to relive the horror of that day. We are unable to forget the bloodshed and the loss of our near and dear ones.

“We want the guilty to be punished. I cannot forget the ruthless killing of my sons aged 18 and 23. I will not forgive their killers.

“Chidambaram has made a mockery of our suffering with his remarks.’’

Removing the names from the blacklist and the Prime Minister seeking forgiveness does not justify what was done, complains Harbans Kaur whose husband never returned after being abducted and her son’s fingers were amputated.

SAD general secretary Prem Singh Chandumajra said it was “extremely unfortunate” that instead of punishing the guilty, the Union Home Minister was asking the Sikh community to forget the anti-Sikh riots.

Chidambaram had yesterday said that the country had moved on since the tragic incident and that it was time to forgive and build a new India.

Various Sikh organisations, including the SAD, alleged that Chidambaram was justifying the denial of justice to the victims of the November 1984 Sikh ‘genocide’.


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@GurjantGnostic ?



'It's Crime Only If Words Turn Into Action': P Chidambaram Backs Nellai Kannan

Former Union Minister and senior Congress leader P Chidambaram in a series tweets has backed the controversial Tamil orator Nellai Kannan

Written By
Sanjeevee Sadagopan


Former Union Minister and senior Congress leader P Chidambaram in a series tweets has backed the Tamil orator Nellai Kannan, who delivered a very inflammatory and provocative speech about Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah and called for their killings.

In a couple of Tamil tweets, former finance minister P Chidambaram said that "New norms are being brought where even making a speech is also a crime. Even if the speech was a crime, why should one be sent to14 days judicial custody?

"These people (people who think making a speech is a crime) should be sent to London's Hyde Park. They have to hear what is being spoken there. It's crime only if words turn into action. Let's agree that Nellai Kannan spoke. But what crime did he commit?", Chidambaram's tweet read. 

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Well. With little to go. It seems he asked why muslims hadn't already killed a specific person? Kind of a gray area. I mean he's influential, addressing those people directly? I mean that could constitute a true threat. 


But is it political hyperbole? We all get fired up, and to be honest you could make an argument all sorts of public figures have crossed a line and have something coming. 

The difference is if you're speaking morally about a situation as in giving your opinion of what the magical hand of justice should do, or if you're ordering a hit. 

The article points out he himself has prosecuted people for free speech against him in the past. That type of hypocrisy could mean he was making a true threat and just trying to get out of it by saying it's not a crime unless they die. 

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He is right that speech should almost never be considered criminal, and two weeks jail? Accomplishing what?

But. If somebody legit insights violence, former so called president trump for example, and stokes racial tensions, that is illegal. 

Or orders hits? Orders hate crimes? And they do happen? Free speech doesn't protect that. 

Orders them and they fail? Still a crime. 

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