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Amarinder Was Consulted On Army Assault On Akal Takht While The Prez Was Kept In The Dark,claims Badal

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Thursday, 28 July 2011

CHANDIGARH: The Punjab Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal said here Thursday that Captain Amarinder Singh was a Congress-mole planted on Shiromani Akali Dal in 1984 and he conspired with Late Rajiv Gandhi to scuttle the Punjab Accord in its only clause that suited Punjab– the transfer of Chandigarh.

"He is the worst Trojan Horse in Punjab's history, planted by the Congress to wreck Punjab's battle from within. In reward for his conspiratorial role against Punjab, he has always been showered with princely pleasures by the Congress, even when the party’s whole state unit opposed him. Rajiv Gandhi had given him a role to play against Punjab and the Sikhs, and Amarinder played it true to the script, in letter and spirit,” said the Chief Minister

“Everybody in Punjab knows that Mr.S S Barnala is a weak and greedy man, always willing to sell his conscience and betray his state for personal gains. But what about Amrinder’s own role? Did he resign when the center humiliated Punjab on the midnight of January 25-26 1986 by canceling the transfer of Chandigarh? What was Amarinder’s reaction against this brazen betrayal against Punjab and Sant Harchand Singh Longowal by his (Amarinder’s) friend, Rajiv Gandhi? I had cautioned against this betrayal," said the Chief Minister in a statement here.

“The blood of Sant-ji is on the hands of those who betrayed him and those who helped in that betrayal. I had cautioned against this betrayal.

About Amarinder ‘moral courage’ , the CM said that he had checked the records. Amarinder just maintained a sheepish silence over this murderous betrayal by the center. And he talks about courage !”

" As against this, Amarinder as agriculture minister in Barnala government, went out of his way to get the SYL started to rob Punjab of its waters. I cautioned against this also and its for the people and history to judge whether I was proved right or wrong. ”

The Chief Minister further asked, “As a Sikh and an ex-soldier, did Amaridner ever ask for the reinstatement of Sikh soldiers who had left the army under extreme religious and emotional hurt, a yardstick applied throughout the world, including India, in all such cases. I had expressed my opinion against this injustice within the party platform. People and history again will judge whether I was right or wrong in asking for this."

Badal was reacting to Captain Amarinder Singh's statement targeting the Chief Minister's "moral” courage. "He is a fine one to talk about morality. I never use words like moral turpitude, but on Amarinder's "morality", I do not even need to comment. The whole world knows how 'moral' a life he is leading. And he talks about morals. I am amused.,” said the Chief Minister.

Badal said that Amarinder was sent into the SAD under a deep conspiracy to get a seal of ‘moral justification for all the center's discrimination against Punjab, including the tragic army assault on Sri Akal Takhat Sahib. "The army moved into Punjab on June 2 with a declared intent of attacking the holiest of holy Sikh shrines, the Darbar Sahib. The assault took place four days later. During these four days, where was Amarinder? And did he use his well-known friendship with Rajiv Gandhi and proximity to Indira Gandhi to stop this tragic assault.

“ He was one of the key advisors on Punjab to the Indira Gandhi government when the army assault was planned and declared. He must explain his role. The later tamasha of resigning from and then rejoining the same Congress as its state chief has its own tale to tell. His conscience has some flexibility! ”said the CM.

Badal said that Amarinder has always been the blue-eyed boy of the people who rolled tanks into the Golden Temple. He still is. He was always taken into confidence by the Gandhi family on all moves against the Sikhs and Punjab, including the Operation Blue Star.” Said Badal

“It is no coincidence that one of the attacks on Darbar Sahib was ordered directly by Amarinder as Chief Minister on July 10, 2004 to stop the Sikhs from electing the President of their supreme elected religious institution. "All newspapers had carried photographs of police marching yet again on the Golden Temple that day and Amarinder openly justified it. If Amarinder wants, we can release these media pictures again.” Said the CM.

“The Commando Operation during the Akali govt headed by Barnala was executed to secure endorsement for Operation Blue star. It was carried out despite the fact that the then DGP Julio Francis Rabeiro had already declared that the so-called terrorists and members of the Panthic Committee had fled from the Darbar Sahib Complex and no purpose would be served by the Commando Operation. Ask Amarinder what did he do to get it stopped. He close friendship with both Rajiv Gandhi and Arun Nehru is one of the worst kept secrets in Punjab.”

“In fact, getting an Akali govt. to send commandos into Darbar Sahib was the chief mission for which Amarinder was planted on the SAD. Once that mission was accomplished, he went back into the same Congress as its state chief through a repeat tamasha.,” said Badal.

As for attacks recent attacks against him, Badal said, “ Traitors have a natural affinity. I am not surprised that Barnala and Amarinder enjoy such close relations and speak the same language against the SAD and me. Both are guilty of humiliating their state and their community. One of them did it openly and the other deviously. And both have extracted their share of blood money. ”

“For Amarinder’s role against the Sikhs and Punjab, he was promptly rewarded first with the presidentship of PPCC and later with Chief Ministership. As for Barnala’s role and reward, he is the only Akali in history to hold governorships under Congress regimes,” said Mr. Badal

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yet after 1984 when a new akali dal was formed, Capt Amarinder Singh called for a plebescite on KHALISTAN. badal is a cockroach. enough said.

Both Badal and Amarinder are true politicians and true Politicians always go with the wind .After 1984 anger and support for Khalistan was high so they both just try to capture that sentiment

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