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Post-Viral Fatigue


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Does anyone know of any desi-remedies or supplements for symptoms of fatigue after a virus infection?

For the past month or so I have been feeling absolutely physically tired. After a full nights sleep, in the morning, climbing up and down the stairs I feel as though I have just been trekking tens of miles. My whole body feels completely fatigued, but mostly my lower limbs.

I've had this before and it lasted for 2-3 months before I felt better. Mentally I am alert; its just tired and aching and slightly stiff muscles and joints.

I have spoken to my GP, but as usual they just say come back if it last for a few more weeks.

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i would look up dr. schulze's teachings. probably massage and contrast showers will help with blood flow - 7 sec extremely hot water + 7 sec extremely cold times 7 cycles of both. also, eat less, drink more fresh veggie juices. dr. schulze has some recipes for different ailments. a lot of his stuff can be found on curezone.com, although there's a ton of dross to shift through. http://earthclinic.com/ also has lots of home remedies.

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Ashwagandha is useful when recovering from illness (it's an adaptogen, the desi version of ginseng).

ALCAR (acetyl l-carnitine) will reduce fatigue and provide a bit of a CNS boost too.

And make sure you are taking the usual things like vitamin c, vitamin d3 and zinc.


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