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Sad Set To Forge Alliance With Sant Samaj


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SAD set to forge alliance with Sant Samaj

Perneet Singh/TNS

Amritsar, August 6

Even as the ruling SAD and the Sant Samaj are holding talks for forging an alliance in the SGPC elections, there are reports of differences cropping up between the two over candidature of some seats. According to sources, the Sant Samaj, a body of saints belonging to different sects, has reportedly sought the seats of Sirhind and Banga from where SGPC executive member Karnail Singh Panjoli and SGPC general secretary Sukhdev Singh Bhaur respectively got elected in the last elections.

Both Panjoli and Bhaur are loyalists of former SGPC chief Gurcharan Singh Tohra. However, the SAD is averse to the idea as it would send a message to the Tohra loyalists that they are not being taken care of after their leader is gone. Sources said the Sant Samaj intends to field its general secretary Paramjit Singh Maalpur from Banga and its vice-president Baba Hari Singh Randhawa from Sirhind. Sources said Panjoli and Bhaur are being targeted as both of them had opposed the amendments in the Nanakshahi Calendar which were made on the insistence of the Sant Samaj.

The duo had walked out of the SGPC executive meeting after writing a dissenting note against the amendments. Talking to The Tribune, Jasbir Singh Rode, who is holding parleys with the SAD on behalf of the Sant Samaj, said they have demanded 30 seats from the ruling party and have twice met the SAD leadership over the last couple of days. He said they have already got Valtoha seat for their candidate Baba Avtar Singh. He, however, denied that they have sought both Sirhind and Banga seats. “We have only demanded Sirhind seat for Baba Hari Singh Randhawa,” he said. Among the other seats sought by the Sant Samaj are Budhlada for Baba Sukhchain Singh, Longowal for Baba Buta Singh and Garshshankar for Baba Charanjeet Singh. He said there are bound to be issues with some seats and they have handed over their list to the SAD. SAD Secretary Daljeet Singh Cheema also denied reports of any rift.


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Why have Sant Samaj joined forces with Akali Dal?

The current situation is very bleak. Simranjit Singh Mann has little chance of winning.

That leaves Sarna and Badal! What has the panth come to. It is widely know that intoxicants are distributed during electionss. The people standing for SGPC positions are politically minded and have no spiritual mindset. Not all SGPC members must be bad their must be some good candidates but in the end Badal is the boss and he has ultimate power it seems.

To make situation even worse is that Sant Samaj seem to have joined forces with Akali Dal Badal. One thing for sure is that Sant Jarnail Singh ji would never had sided with Badal. Can anybody shed more light on this, is Sant Samaj really siding with Badal, their must be more to this. Please if anyone has any more information on current situation regarding Badal and Sant Samaj please post.

SGPC is a vital institution for the panth. However the institution requires a solid leader and good members. They have the capacity to revive Sikhi especially in Panjab through good parchar. SGPC should be producing Gurmat books and supporting organisations that are preaching Gurmat principles.

Just look at recent beadbi taken place at sri Akal Takht Sahib with the plastering over of the historic thahra (platform of masonory)that was buit with the pavittar hands of Guru Hargobind Sahib, Bhai Sahib Bhai Gurdas ji and Baba Buddha ji. More info on http://punjabitribuneonline.com. SGPC allowed our history to be plastered over with no consultation from the panth.

Singh Sahib Jathedar Gurbachan Singh has released statement saying that no liqour or intoxicants should be distributed during elections. He should be telling Parkash Badal this face to face. Yet Badal was recently given the honour of laying the foundation of new langar hall at sri Darbar Sahib in presence of Jathedar Sahib.

Why do our panthic leaders support Badal, it makes no sense.

I don't understand this khel of Waheguru.

Maharaj! Panth Nuu Change Sache Suche Leader Baksho

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