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Plaster To Be Removed From Thahrra Sahib


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Here is news link -


Kar sewa baba's have done good seva in Panjab. However when it comes too preserving original buildings, kar seva have been to rash and naive. When doing any work to a Gurdwara their should be proper consultation first. SGPC should overlook any work done to any Gurdwara, especially historical Gurdawara's. These sort of incidents will only give fuel to anti-baba, dera Sikhs. In this instance Kar Sewa were definetely to blame along with SGPC and Akal Takht Jathedar. At least they are going to remove the plaster from the Thahra Sahib.

I don't think Kar Sewa are intentionally trying to damage our historical sites. I think its a Panjabi mentality where they think shiny marble gold things looks better. Kar Sewa needs to briefed on the importance of preserving historical structures.

Rabb Rakhe

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I presume you are talking about the white marble stone. No?

Would it include the white bathroom tiles that sikhs are so fond of using for the gurdwaras.

I just cannot fathom that the same stuff that we use to decorate the shi£&er with, we use as 'beautification' for our historic gurdwaras!

I thinnk it was Kushwant SIngh who said that there is a Khali-stan (empty space) in every sikhs head. I presume he was talking about the artistic/cultural part of our brains.

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Sure they destroyed all the history, Bebe Nanaki's house, Chamkaur di kachi gaddi and countless other places. They continue to do so even today. Many historical buildings are in disrepair and need to be preserved, what is anyone doing about? Squat.

Who is going to stop the Kar Seva jathas? Nobody.

This has BEEN happening and will continue to happen.

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Congrats to SGPC and Kar Sewa babas.

They have managed to do what Indira and Congress failed at....... to destroy Sikh material history!

Whos the real enemy?????

Not just the SGPC, I think it's an Indian/ pendu thing because the same is being done at Gurudwara Mata Sahib Devan in Nanded that is definitely not run by the SGPC, it's under control of a Nihang Dal. They probably mean well, but the general ethos in India these days is that 'new is better', even if 'new' means bathroom tiles.

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