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Akal Takht Jatehdar Asks Families Of Candidates In Sgpc Elections To Become Baptised Sikh


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AMRITSAR: Jatehdar Akal Takht Gyani Gurbachan Singh here on Monday asked all the candidates of all political parties contesting SGPC general elections to follow the Sikh religious tenets strictly with letter and sprits.

Talking to Pioneer, Jatehdar said that as per Sikh religion, family members of all the candidates who were contesting SGPC election should come forward to become baptised Sikh to set better example for Sikh masses. He said that elections of SGPC were meant to run the Sikh religious body (SGPC) with Sikh customs and to decimate the message of Sikhism across the world.

Talking about the use of liquor, he said that use of drug or liquor by any of the candidate of any party during election would be considered blasphemous act as per the Sikh tenets. Jatehdar said that as per Sikh tents use of any kind intoxicant by Sikhs was sin and such acts couldn’t ever be tolerated by Akal Takht if brought in notice.

He said that baptised Sikh and his family was always advised not to serve or consume any intoxicant, if anybody break the Sikh tenets would have to appear at Akal Takht for explanation whereupon guilty could be punished as per Sikh customs, if didn’t appear in such circumstances guilty to be excommunicated from the Sikh fold.

Moreover, Sikh Gurdwara Election Commission had already strictly laid conditions not to distribute liquor to voters in order to get vote for victory of elections being fought for religious body, said Jatehdar.

He said that it was highly unfortunate that number of unemployed youth in rural and urban Punjab were reportedly found drug addicted and here it became the duty of SGPC members and candidates contesting elections should work for drug de-addiction besides election campaign.

However, SGPC elections would be held on September 18 and result to be declared on September 22nd, thereafter the executive body and SGPC president to be chosen by the winning candidates.


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family members? lol

apparently kids of committee members cut their hair, so this would be rather far fteched lol

True. But it should be appreciated that the Jathadar brought up this issue which has been known to so many people. When the SGPC was formed during the Akali movement, the Sikhs associated with this movement were highly religious during the time. Their religiosity also extended to their family members who observed the Sikh rehet maryadha word for word. My grandmother tells me how her father who (like many Sikhs of the time) was a part of the Akali movement was highly religious and that meant the family also had to observe Sikh rehet maryadha.

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And what happens after the elections?

No doubt they revert back to their old ways. Many a times we have heard stories of politicians in Pb keeping dhari and pagg when the elections are approaching. You cannot compel someone to take amrit through such measures. Very similar to what the old Muslamics woud say to sikhs: accept islam and we will give you all the wealth/power/glory you want.

How is this any different? ' Become amritdhari and we will give you all the wealth/power/glory the SGPC seat can provide!'

Amrit, these days is sooo cheap..... just a matter of collecting 8 tokens from Weetabix ( a breakfast cereal in the UK) and you become and Khalsa sikh.

If amrit is so devalued do you wonder why amritdhari sikhs are of such a poor quality?

someone once said to Harkowal wale sant how many people were persuaded to take amrit by Sant jarnail singh Bhindrawale. They responded by saying '....and how many of those kept the amrit?'

With all these 'mahaan amrit sanchaars' in India and outside where hunderds partake in the ceremony, many are said to be 're-takers' ie those who commit a minor misdeed and are made to feel guilty and told to re-take their amrit. Others are those who do under undue influence - as in this case above; yet others do it because they attended a smaagam and are whipped up in all the excitement and decide to take amrit, only later realising what darn tough lifestyle this is.

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