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Badal Raj Set To Continue With Aid Of Sant Samaj


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Badal will easily win the SGPC elections. Its dissapointing that Sant Samaj have united with Akali Dal Badal party.

After all the damage Badal has done to Sikh Panth he now has the support of Sant Samaj headed by Harnam Singh Dhumma.

People defended Harnam Singh Dhumma when he attended funeral of Surinder Kaur (wife of Badal) saying it was out of respect and that Sant Samaj opposes Akali Dal Badal. However this is clearly not the case. Sant Samaj will be contesting seats through Akali Dal Badal. I see this as an opportunistic move on part of Sant Samaj to implement their version maryada on the panth through SGPC. This is not a panthic move and will not help the panth. Siding with Parkash Badal can never be good for the panth.



Talking to The Tribune, Jasbir Singh Rode, who is holding parleys with the SAD on behalf of the Sant Samaj, said they have demanded 30 seats from the ruling party and have twice met the SAD leadership over the last couple of days. He said they have already got Valtoha seat for their candidate Baba Avtar Singh. He, however, denied that they have sought both Sirhind and Banga seats. “We have only demanded Sirhind seat for Baba Hari Singh Randhawa,” he said. Among the other seats sought by the Sant Samaj are Budhlada for Baba Sukhchain Singh, Longowal for Baba Buta Singh and Garshshankar for Baba Charanjeet Singh.

I think this all stems from Jasbir Singh Rode siding with Badal. We are living in strange times.

May Guru Sahib bless the panth with victory and chardi kala.

Guru Sahib Mehar Karan

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what i was hinting at was the sometimes necessity of making a pact with the devil for the greater good of the panth.

Sikhs have in their history made pacts with the likes of Adina Beg and Mir Mannu, Abdali etc.

as bitter as it is, we just have to hope that Sant Samaj have a plan to strenghthen Sikh Panth by such a union.

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