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Pune Sikhs Show Solidarity With Anna Hazare

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PUNE: As an act of solidarity with activist Anna Hazare, the Pune Sikh Sangat, an association representing Sikhs across the city, has demanded his release and fair decision on the current scenario by the prime minister, Manmohan Singh. A memorandum on the same lines will be sent to the District Collectorate on Wednesday, said Rajwant Singh, member of the Sikh Sangat.

"Pune's Sikh Sangat is and has always stood against corruption in various walks of life especially since Sikhism teaches one to be fair to all and leading a pure life. We wish the prime minister of India takes a free and fair decision as per the tenets of Sikhism. Our community is supporting all the citizens protesting for the anti-graft cause and in our letter we have requested the prime minister to take the right decision to handle corruption," added Singh.

The letter demands transparency from the government in power. "The Sikh community just wants to prime minister to take the right stand keeping in mind the situation as far as corruption goes. We dont think he should step down because that is not necessary," said Inderpal Singh.

The government should provide reasons for its acts, said Gurmeet Singh. "On what basis is the government arresting people who are protesting? We can see clearly how much Hazare has struggled for our country. And it's shameful to put him behind bars," said Gurmeet Singh.

Some of the community members are also joining the relay fast on Wednesday and Thursday, said Narendra singh. "All those people joining in the cause are Anna Hazares. The activist is right, otherwise the entire nation wouldn't be supporting him today. It's because corruption was never controlled in the past, that we have reached this stage today. The richer are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. The 'chalta hai' non-chalant attitude typical to our society, is also a result of corruption. this needs to stop. And our community is supporting anyone, who is fighting to ward off corruption through such protests," he said.


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