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Reply From Pdl Regarding Sgpc


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I sent e-mail to (Panjab Digital Library) PDL asking situation regarding digitisation of manuscripts at SGPC. I asked which particular manuscripts PDL were denied access to. Also I asked about digitisation of manuscripts from bhai Sarabjot Singh Bedi ji. I asked whether certain granths such as Kartarpuri bir could be digitised.

Here is reply from recent e-mail :

Vahguru ji ka Khalsa

Vahguru ji ki Fateh

SGPC and its staff has its own reasons, we can only create awareness and not force anybody. We will digitize only those mansucripts of which we are provided access. You understand our situation. It is good that most of the manuscripts has been digitized.

The manuscript with Guru Hargobind ji's signature has been digitized.

Thanks for sending list of important manuscripts. We are trying for many years to digitize these manuscripts with no success yet.

All the manuscripts from the collection of Baba Sarabjot Singh ji Bedi has been digitized.

We expect to upload over 2 million pages more on website next about 6 months. It depends upon the funding we get for the purpose. At the moment going tough on the funding front.

You can also support PDL by adopting some books for digitization.. http://panjabdigilib.org/webuser/adopt/AdoptDocList.jsp

Thank you for writing to us.


Parminder Singh

SGPC has a huge budget, they should be helping out PDL with funds. All manuscripts should have been digitised at SGPC. Neverthless, I agree with PDL that we should appreciate the manuscripts that have been digitised. It seems as if digitisation is an expensive process but well worth it, especially after Sikh Reference Library was burnt. I hope PDL get the funding they need in order to continue their seva for panth. Guru kirpa karo.

The granths I would most like to see digitised would be Kartarpuri Bir, Aad Bir Guru Arjan Dev ji dictated to bhai Gurdas ji and Goindwal pothis used by Guru Arjan Dev ji to compile Aad Granth Sahib. These Granths could be studied worldwide to see if they are authentic or not.

However its unlikely custodians of these Granth's could be persuaded to have them digitised. I think it vital that they are, especially in light of the fact that other rare granths have gone missing/stolen. SGPC should be working to preserve/digitise our heritage.

Guru Mehar Karan

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