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Setback For Punjab Peoples Party, Nidharak Brar Joins Sad

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Setback for Punjab Peoples Party, Nidharak Brar joins SAD

Punjab Newsline Network

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

CHANDIGARH: The People’s Party of Punjab today suffered a major setback in the heartland of Malwa when Nidharak Singh Brar, one of its founding members, resigned from PPP and rejoined Shiromani Akali Dal in the presence of SAD President Sukhbir Singh Badal.

Mr. Brar along with scores of supporters today rejoined Shiromani Akali Dal in the presence of Party President and Deputy Chief Minister Mr. Sukhbir Singh Badal, who utilized the moment to appeal to all original cadres to return to parent party fold rising above the personal and factional feuds.

He said that he was forced to leave PPP as the party cadre was totally disillusioned as there was a large gap between promises and action on the ground. He said that they were sad that former finance minister mislead thousands of Party workers by promising certain principles in the holy precincts of Sri Darbar Sahib and giving representation to youth, keeping blood relatives away from hierarchy of party.

He said that they were shocked to see the Constitution that tailor made to adjust their near and dears in the ‘kitchen cabinet’ of the party. He said that “the person who could not be true to the Sri Darbar Sahib cannot be allowed to mislead the masses”.

Welcoming Mr. Brar and his supporters back in the party fold, Mr. Sukhbir Singh Badal said that he was happy that they have returned to the parent party fold rising above the personal and factional feuds. He said that it was inherent duty of each party worker to stand united at the time of SGPC and ensuing Vidhan Sabha polls to decimate congress party from the electoral scene. He said that certain party workers, who have left the party due to personal, factional or egoistic feuds should return to the Party fold to strengthen the party at the grass root level.

Lashing at Congress for using proxy parties to fight SGPC polls, Mr. Badal said that electorate was wise enough to see the sinister games of congress party that always indulged in nefarious designs to divide the Sikhs. He said that no true Sikh would vote for congress party or congress supported factions in any elections that were responsible cold blooded massacre of thousands of Sikhs in ’84 anti Sikh carnage.

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Politicians just go with the wind ,that is the benchmark of the good politician

That's true. Manpreet Badal may not be a bad person, unfortunately pretty much all the people attached to him are no different from the politicians we find in SAD and Congress.

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