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Delhi Police Gear Up To Take Anna To Hospital

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On Day 9 of social activist Anna Hazare's fast against corruption, security has been stepped up at Ramlila Maidan.

Though officially the Delhi Police maintained that the move was to 'ensure the safety of Hazare and his supporters', rediff.com has learnt that the law enforcement agency fears a law and order situation that may arise if and when Hazare is shifted to the hospital

"Since Anna Hazare has refused to be hospitalised, we might be forced to take him to a hospital to save his life. His personal team of doctors themselves have said that his health is deteriorating. We cannot allow him to die. That is against the law. We are awaiting orders from the central government (read the Home Ministry, which oversees the Delhi police). We just might need to take him to a hospital to save his life," a senior police official said.

According to sources, a survey was conducted by the Delhi Police to determine the number of Anna Hazare supporters, who spend the night at Ramlila Maidan.

"We found that on the weekend, there were about 1,200-1,500 supporters on the ground at night. On Tuesday night, there were just about 900 of them. With these figures in mind, the top brass of Delhi police have instructed the Deputy Commissioners of police of two districts to post a certain number of policemen from every police station in their respective districts at Ramlila Grounds. These policemen will be riot-ready control forces," a senior police official at Kamla Market police station said. Ramlila Grounds come under the jurisdiction of this police station.

Security has been increased inside Ramlila Ground, especially the stage area. Instead of the 10-15 constables, police have posted close to 50 men around the stage.

Security has also been stepped up outside the venue with police brining in Rapid Action Force at the venue. VAJRA riot control vehicles also have been stationed around the venue.

Sources said that they will not arrest Anna Hazare, but might need to take him to a hospital in lieu of his health.

"If we do get orders to take Anna Hazare to the hospital, we will first approach his team and inform them about this. We will request them to calm his supporters and cooperate with us. If, however, they are unwilling, we might need to forcefully take Anna to the hospital to save his life. Despite his doctors' advice, he has refused to take any fluids, which might prove fatal for him," another officer said.

A police inspector said that the policemen have been briefed to abstain from using any kind of force at the protestors.

"IPS officers have been instructed to personally conduct the operation if orders come in. They will be responsible to calm down the supporters and tell that Anna Hazare needs to be taken to the hospital to save his life," the inspector said.

"Deputy and Additional commissioners of police are monitoring the situation personally. The commissioner is also being briefed continuously about the developments. Let us hope nothing untoward happens. Anna Hazare's supporters need to realise that if he is being taken to the hospital, it is to save his own life," the inspector added.


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