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Sikhs In Us Back Anna Hazare Campaign

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Washington, August 25: Prominent Sikh Americans have voiced support for social activist Anna Hazare’s campaign against corruption.

Rajwant Singh, chairman of the Sikh Council on Religion and Education, said: “Anna Hazare’s campaign has the capacity to create conditions for clean and ethical politics to survive and thrive in India.”

He also expressed confidence that Prime Minister Manmohan Singh would “find a way out as he has done on many other challenging issues facing India in the recent past”.

“Corruption does to a country what termites do to the foundation of a house. For India to achieve its full potential, corruption needs to be replaced by a fair, open, and speedy method of governance at all levels,” said Navneet Chugh of The Chugh Firm, a leading law firm.

Charnjit Singh Randhawa, chairman and CEO of Washington based Rockefeller Consulting Insight Capitalists, said: “Corruption is a cancer that has suffocated every honest person in India and it is our duty to bring clean way of life to the forefront.”

Ken Bajaj, chairman and CEO of Systemsnet, also based in Washington, added: “We congratulate Anna Hazare for having the courage to lead this noble cause. Every Indian must see this as a task to convert world’s largest democracy to achieve rightful place in the world.”

India as a nation has an opportunity to transform at this critical juncture if all Indians fully engage themselves in changing situation rather than being mere spectators, is how Satinder Singh Rekhi, CEO of the Sacramento based RSystems, put it.

Darshan Singh Sehbi, faculty at the Wright State University School of Medicine Dayton, Ohio observed: “Anna is helping to focus everyone’s attention on the real issues and in that sense it is moving the country one step closer to the final goal of becoming free of corruption.”

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