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Poetic Meter Used In Gurbani?

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Dear satsangatjio,

I was wondering about all these meters used in poems and software people have used to decode hidden things in quran (such as decoding bimillah as 786 bismillah is recorded as being first said by jesus) and bible. Where bis-m- il-ahh is in the name of God and we find ala in the vedas referring to Indra devta how Jesus or Isa (isa being for Shiva) [http://mondovista.com/davidkoreshx.html] is speaking the term in aramic also used in hebrew and the similarities of ancient judaism and vedism. "The Moslems still revere this huge rock under the Dome of the Rock on Jerusalem Temple Mount." - such the temple of jeursalem looks like a shivling with linga and yoni in shape. Conection of Khidr and vedanta http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Khidr




How about for gurbani and vedas and gita and puranas, upinashads. What about dasam granth and sarbloh granth. These meters prove autheniticity of granth to void out any interpolation or alteration of gurbani using software techniques to map out sound waves, raags and useage of these if there is a hidden mathematical formula such as fibionicia sequences. Maybe sumerian, kabballah and platonic works have hints on the subject. Has anyone done this type of naad research? All these meters some how heal and give religious expieriences such as water crystal experiments


Even to the explaination of how wa - he - gu - ru gurmantar is formed as bhai gurdas ji vaar gives explaination of the vishnu avtars of the 4 ages

Further to other hindi and sufi ghazals and poetries written such as discussed here:













Perhaps there is some software that can decode the bani there is software to remove music instrumentals and present lyrics and wave analysis software. Perhaps software to uncover the meter systems being used we find clues of raags in raagmala. But indepth raag analysis such as how Amir Khoursrow creates poetry and tabla and sitar. And the kafi poetry styles used by bulleh shah having similarities with adi shankarcharya's work. Is it possible for one of us to create a prose piece of work possesing spirtual properties?

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