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Dealing With Anxiety?


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I was wondering if any of the guys on here know how to deal with anxiety or have suffered from it before? I cant help but keep thinking of things going on around me and it's doing my head in. I cant seem to focus on anything or even make decisions/that kind of stuff. Is this normal or is it all just in my head?

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join the club mate. I personally blame it on the banks.

try '5-HTP' (tryptophan). it increases brain seratonin levels and boosts your general mood.

take it along with vitamin B-Complex.

You can get 5HTP at a good price from myprotein.co.uk

other than that, try to find the cause and work on solving that.

If you can identify a specific issue you may want to give EFT Tapping a try.

Also be physical. Not in the sense of hitting the gym or going for a hard run but go for a long walk ie 1-3 hour long walks, alone, preferably in the countryside, canalways etc. Just get away from the built up environment/people.

Hows your sleep pattern? Try dabbing Lavender oil around your face, pillow at bedtime to ensure you get a deep sleep. Also best to take 5HTP around bedtime as well as this also aids sleep.

Go on a INFORMATION DIET for a week or two. in other words stop all forms of communication ie TV; reading books, newspapers, mags; internet (sorry sa.com!); communicating to friends/family - esp if they start burdening you with their probs. Basically stop ALL forms external communication!

These are things that I have personally found helping me. They are not tested clinically by guys in white coats. You need to take a holistic approach and look things that you even find irrelevant to your issues.

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oh and another thing...... Sleep.

Get plenty of rest and sleep. ONce you get up in the morning, do your normal daily stuff and just go back to bed, whether you feel tired or not.

Just over sleep for a while.

Most people who suffer from depression/anxiety do not get enough sleep or quality sleep that is required by their bodies/mind.

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Get into a routine, sleep properly,, goto bed by 10pm and wakeup before 9am. Eat 3 meals a day... your environment shapes you, clean your room, open window. Eat fruits and veg helps detox, have 2ltrs water. Drink green tea... surrond yourself with people who add value to you, stay away from toxic negative people go around cheerful positive people. Listen to yourself and your negative views, thoughts and speech (a glass full, glass empty.. negative person sees glass empty while positive sees glass full) ‎'A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty'

Excercise get outside at least 30mins to 8hrs a day... Learn something new, conquer your goals and objectives, challenge yourself, get out of your comfort zone do something nuts you won't do... see the person that is happy do what they do to achieve there goals.

Time manage don't stress yourself with load, relax, eat and drink lavish yourself, go around flowers surrond yourself with positive colours, smile more. Stop thinking negative thoughts... Wash your clothes and bath everyday... One thing common in west that leads to anxiety and stress is masturbation bad sex life... So practice abstinence, from partner moderate your sexulal conduct, excess in anything is harmful moderate yourself, there is more to live get out have fresh air go places, go to a big shopping centre, watch a movie, go to the park, meet friends...

Do yoga, dream big, achieve your goals, happiness is a state of mind, in the mind you can make your life a hell or heaven, be demon or angel... Chill a little bit... Forget your troubles be trouble free. If it is a girlfriend issue dump her get another one, move on... sounds raw but life can be cruel... life is too short to waste time around people who add no value to you... Read a book

The best cure for anxiety is travel!

Do simran satguru removes anxiety from mind.

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write out a plan of what to do, break it down into steps. when you have it planned down to the next action that you can possibly take, you may find taking that action helps immeasurably. b/c then you truly know you are doing all you can do.

also, this:


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Take regular physical exercises to decrease anxiety. Try to go on walk in the evening and morning. Play with small children or pets in your house. Expose yourself to nature by sitting in a garden full of variety of flowers, shrubs, and trees. Consult your problems with your good friends and relatives. Share your special days such as birthday and marriage anniversary with friends and relatives. Celebrate these days and enjoy. Give proper time to your family members. Try to solve all problems with your sane powers. Never think negative. See all Brahm around you with your naked eyes. It is beautiful and eternal. Try to make things beautiful around you. Problem never comes without solution. Try to find our the right and pleasant solution for it. Believe in yourself and believe in God also.

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