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Baba Bulleh Shah Ji


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Bulleh Shah was a sufi... Sufis are generally tolerant muslims who engage in dancing, singing and poetry.

The motives and intentions of each sufi can be different. Some wish to convert kaffir non-muslims by lying to them like saying we are the same people and your people are great.

Others try and bring better relations so others can convert later on.

Some sufis are descendents or used to be of non-muslim origin so use the sufi medium as a way to water down islam. There is too much to bulleh shah from his poetry he clearly is an intelligent person. Mixes Islam, Sikhism and Hinduism reasons may be unsure.

He comes in a time when Sikhs have just created an empire and some hindus and sikhs are in the mood to take revenge on Muslims for centuries of persecutions done to them. Bulleh shah's works use very excellent literate poetic verses in simplicity that explain very advance philisophies so delivering Plato, Aristotle, Rumi, Hafiz, Guru Nanak (10Gurus and Guru GRanth Sahib), Quran + Haddiths, Prophet Muhammad, Jesus, Ram, Adi Shankarcharya, Sheikh Farid, Bhagat Ramanand, Krishna (vedas, upnishads, ramyan, gita, more)...

very simply in small verses to the simplest of minds perhaps not a combined effort but an effort of generations of writers works.

Baba Nand Singh comes in a time before 1947 mediates on naam practices gursikhi and has certain event miraclous in nature occur not sure of the nature. However he is pursued by even Muslims who follow him.. to all of his followers he teaches from Guru Granth Sahibs tolerant views and interprets them to allow others to be true and the best of what they are to there faith. Baba Nand Singh is found mediating on the grave of bulleh shah (in gur rehat maryada a forbidden practice). Many Sikhs were influenced by sufis so perhaps a family ritual however not allowed from Sikhi. Baba Nand Singh shows influence from Bulleh Shah.

Bulleh Shah praises Guru Ramdas as for saying his followers had a conflict with Muhammads that has ended and something else has come out of it.

He called Guru Tegh bahadur a ghazi a matyr for truth for which muslim objected to and refused to even pray at his death and grave declaring him a kaffir.

Bulleh Shah praised Guru Gobind Singh saying if it wasn't for him there would be no hindus and everyone would be muslim.

These verses are read in gurdwaras, amazing punjabi literature however from a sikhi perspective they should not be allowed in guru hazoori as for kavi darbar a tradition to be revived yes they can be put along side other poets of sikhi and can be presented in music and videos. Bulleh shahs works are quoting from gurbani with paraphrasing and give application for islam so can show how sikhi can help a muslim become a better muslim.

Bulleh Shah brought sikhs and muslims closer together. Alike to Guru Nanak who brought Muslims and Hindus closer, and Bhagat Sheikh Farid who brough Hindus closer to Muslims. Each may have had different intentions but are all under the spirit of humanitarianism.

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