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Iqbal - National Poet Of Pakistan

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i have a few times iqbal being quoted in gurdwaras as he although a panjabi, prefered to write poetry in a lesser , alien language - urdu. his skill as a poet, even in an uninspiring language.s shot him into prominence and he became a very vocal supporter of pakistan.

this guy has said that the hindus and sikhs were deliberately exploiting the muslims, and that pakistan is the only way that muslims can free themselves. he had already forsaken his mother tongue, now he forsakes his motherland.

I dont see why this guy should be quoted in any sikh institution, as he is biased against sikhs.

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What has he said against Sikhi? Please give some extracts. Perhaps he planted the seed of destroying sufism and renewing wahhabism. He surely did create pakistan ideologically giving the academic backbone to it.

Iqbal wrote a poem calling punjab the place the brought the arabs there and had them call it there home. The place where nanak sang about the monotheism of God. Iqbal also later on writes from reading the japji guru nanak was very literate about islam and knew more about islam then any literate scholar of those time.







There are some people who say the muslim league viewed that pakistan would be created as a rival of india and would have a relation similar to canada and america rather not predicting the riots that would take place, the wars which pakistan lost again and again. The increase growth of radicalisation and terrorism. In which pakistan would show how islamic philisophy and law is much superior to india in which it would over-exceed india in every way to become a leader and naturally have india submit to pakistan. None of which happened, also many pakistani blame nehru for starting the riots.

While others did not see it comming, and others felt they were not ready. Today many understand the creation of pakistan to be a huge mistake. As for venom spitting all muslims do it, then and now. It is natural to spit venom back after having it spat at yourself. However by doing that it only increases the growth of venom in muslims, who do not dare to take a look in the mirror to see the fault at hand as with the victims.

Sikhs left between two nations, belonging to indian nation with bad relations with hindu government. Increased momentum to creation of a sikh state. In which we can argue creating khalistan for the sikh nation, small is a bad idea when you look at the demographs, economic-social status of sikh today. To create a country which is of a small size, small population, small economy, between two huge giants who are world class nuclear-atomic states. Pakistan has atomic power. In the middle of which a state of punjab which is damaged of water supplies, food supplies, pollution, poisoning comming in from afghanistan, with a high illiterate population. To be ruled by the same corrupt leaders. The 1% of political leaders amongst sikh are unable to make change within the limited power they have, why give them more power, they are unable to co-operate, do not let others get to those positions, involved in many scandals, money laundering and bribery. Offcourse we can be optomistic and hope for the best, however as such the motives pushing for it are the crimes done in 1984 which in the long run if we pursuit a state the criminals ignored and will get away with it, the politicians, police, business men, criminals, army and celebrities all involved.

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iqbal insinuated that muslims were financially enslaved by sikhs, and will be indebted to them forever, unless they make pakistan, whereby the welfare of muslims will be paramount.

he could just have said to the muslims, dont be lazy, practice enterprise etc but no, jealousy of the fact the the Hindus controlled most of the commercial trade whilst Sikhs were brilliant agriculturists, made him accuse the non muslims of deliberately keeping the muslims down.

what a cockroach.

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He was from a brahmin family. Most sikhs before the british were superior to muslims in many ways. Even in afghanistan did control economy however were fair. It was sikhi which taugh fairness otherwise hindus would have taken muslim women raped them converted them killed the men or enslaved them, in which there would be chaos probably creating more war from other invasions. It doesn't make sense why he wasn't killed rather than innocents in 1947.

Muslims have always been jealous, envious, hateful of kaffirs as long as the association the quran created exists they will always be like that. Or lying using Taqiua in pursuit of dawa (conversion -brainwashing etc.).

Well if you look at Sikhs today many are economically inferior to others, but how many say kill hindus, muslims, others. Sikhi is about hard honest work. We need more of it, rather than slacking away on drugs, alcohol etc.

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