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Chinese Girl Killed After Hit By 2 Cars. Passers-By Totally Indifferent!


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China proved

to be a merciless country! One billion people, shocked by the following images (scroll down for videos).

Outrageous case in China, where a 2-year-old girl died because of peopleÃÔ stunning indifference. Two cars hit her and the child agony was ignored by no less than 18 passers-by. Any of them could have given a helping hand and a chance for life. Images captured by a surveillance cameras are shocking.

The gruesome incident took place on a busy street in Guangzhou Foshan.

A minibus fully-hits the 2-year-old chinese girl. After impact, the driver shows apparent signs that he will slow down but no way, however. He continues his drive and also the rear wheels of the vechicle pass over the child.

No one walking or biking back and forth along the market did not intervene. One after another, pedestrians and cyclists just passed near the wounded body. But none threw more than an indifferent look to the child and to the surrounding blood pool.

Shockingly another car approaches and runs over the already injured girl. And from that moment she did not make​ any move. Nobody cared about her situation until, finally, a woman tried to make her stand. She saw that the girl is inert and moved her off the road among some bags of goods. That was all. In the end the mother came, took the girl in her arms and left in a hurry.

It was anyway too late. Indifference of 18 passers-by already condemned the 2-year-old to death. She survived a few hours, then died in hospital

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this is unbeleievable but i remember being told about something similiar about people in panjab/india, about how they were reluctant to tell the police if they found any dead body(s) as they would be the first people tp be accused of commiting the murder. They would rather just walk by.

This is terrible cos the 1st van driver totally sees the toddler, and just goes staright over her. terrible.

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