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Purathan Gurbani Instruments?

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Dear all,

How were instruments such as tablas, tumbis, and other created in the past? Many instruments require animals skin such as goat skin? Are we to assume singhs chatka those animals to create the instruments? If it is bedbi to bring meat into gurdwara why not instruments created with them, or leather items, other things made from animals, some shastars made from bones, horns, teeth of animals? Nihangs bring teeth of pigs into gurdwaras? Is it bedbi? Bhai Mardana played rabab which is also made with animals skin with Guru Nanak. The saddles placed on horses were from skins and leathers of animals even glothes to hold baaj falcon. Plus some animals they kept in gurusahibs times would need to eat meat some dogs eat meat? Were chatkas done in qilas forts, castles, places belonging to Sikhs. Most punjabs rajas such as patialla raja used to do hunting? What does this all mean. We have sakhis of guru sahibs going on hunting, giving mukhti to animals? But did Singhs do that.. we had instruments for gurbani made?

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IMO it means if you need to use animal products then just use it. Even some 'desi medicine' uses animal ingredients.

Its no biggie!

On the other hand you can spend the rest of your life raking your brains about the why's and wherefore's of animal product usage in Sikhi.

Believe me this will cause you stress and anxiety.

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Chatka is fine, what I personally see in the panth at the moment is many people quarrel over little things such as using animal skin for saaj's, meat, kesh, politics and other small unimportant things, focus on your Jeevan rather than spending hours on end arguing over little things which quite frankly shouldn't even be made into a big issue, it's like people are jaaanke picking on things just to create a pangha.

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IMO i would say it is a state of confusion where the panthic leaders have not cleared these issues up and made it clear for everyone what is and what isn't while as some issues do not have a clear cut answer so rather than giving the debate they keep quiet about it. Many leaders probably do eat meat while others don't so they don't put that much issue into it.

One of the biggest debate perhaps would have to be authenticity of most the granths of sikhi dasam bani, sarbloh, guru granth sahib (raagmala), janamsakhis, suraj prakash. Simply all require proper gianis to do proper studies of these works even behind closed doors between each other, rather then sleeping and making money.

To actually start really scholarship which is academic proper, rather than mickeymouse courses. Considering veggeterian langar is mainly there to call people of all faiths even hindu vishnu followers and buddhists to eat alongside with in Sikhi. Many hindus who were veggeterian upon becomming sikh have followed veggeterianism into sikhism would it be fair to say for the sake of inclusiveness it is harsh to say a sikh should be veggeterian.

Would it be okay to bring a kfc box into a gurdwara?

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The reason why my above post seems slightly flippant is because as Zulu mentioned these are minor issues to me.

It reminds me of the story of a Chaste Zen monk who picked up and carried a beautiful young prostitute across the river. His companion, after walking the rest of the day with him, couldn't get the matter out of his mind and felt compelled to ask him why? As a monk who has taken vows of celibacy did he pick up a scantily clad prostitute?

The Zen monk replied "I carried this girl and put her down on the other side of the river; you my companion are still carrying after all these hours, in your mind".

If you want to do something/eat something/go somewhere just bloody do it and get it off your chest. Otherwise just do not constantly entertain the thoughts in your mind with constant debates, arguments stc.

A question for you to ponder: what is worse.? Someone who goes and sleeps with a prostitute and then carries on with his life or someone who avoids the ladies of the night - though always has thought as 'I wonder what it would be like to sleep with them'?

PS do check out krill Oil. it is much better.

PPS Gotta rush. out on Brums Broad St tonight! ;)

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there is a lot of confusion in the panth, and meat or animal products is one of them. I have been told that Guru Granth Sahib at Darbar Sahib was also leather bound, as was common in those days. I dont know iof its true or not.

Also not just the skin on the Rabab, but the strings on the rabab saranda sarangi are made form animal gut.

I dont care if someone chooses to be veg or non-veg, but there are many people who just wish to ram it down your throat that only veg is parwaan in sikhi

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