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Nirmal Panchayti Akhara Seminar In Haridvar


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A bit of shameless advertising in case anyone is floating around India at the moment, (pm me as its invitation only I think):

Through the collaboration of Sriman Sant Jodh Singh Ji of Nirmal Ashram Rishikesh and Sriman Mahant Balwant Singh Ji Secretary the Sri Panchayti Akhara Nirmala will be holding a two day seminar on the Nirmala Sampradaya in Kankhal on the 6th and 7th of December. Papers will be given by a number of Sants, Mahants and scholars.

Mahapurush attending include:

Sriman Nirmal Bhushan Swami Gyandev Singh Ji Vedantacharya

Sriman Sant Jodh Singh Ji of Nirmal Ashram

Sriman Jathedar Tarlochan Singh Ji of Takhat Keshgarh Sahib

Sriman Jathedar Iqbal Singh Ji of Takhat Patna Sahib

Sriman Mahant Rajinder Das Ji Kothari, Udasin Bara Akhara

Sriman Swami Bhagat Ram Ji, Udasin Naya Akhara

Sriman Mahant Ravinder Puri Ji, Mahanirvani Akhara

Sriman Mahant Surinder Muni Ji Mahamandaleshvar, Avdhut Jagat Ram Udasin Ashram

Sriman Mahant Bhag Singh Ji Nirmal Doaba Mandal

Sriman Professor Sant Sher Singh Ji

Sriman Dr Jaspal Singh Ji, Vice Chancellor of Punjabi University, Patiala

Sriman Sant Baba Karam Singh Ji Johlan

Sriman Mahant Teja Singh Ji MA

and others

Lectures to be given by:

Sriman Sant Jail Singh Ji Shastri

Sriman Mahant Amrik Singh Ji Amritsar

Sriman Sant Gyani Balwant Singh Ji Kotha Guru

Sriman Gyani Sher Singh Ji Ambala

Sriman Sant Darshan Singh Ji Shastri

Sriman Sant Kamaljit Singh Ji Shastri

Sriman Sant Jasvinder Singh Ji Shastri

Sriman Sant Teja Singh Ji MA

Sriman Prof. Paramjit Singh Mansa

Sriman Dr Shamsher Singh Ji

A paper by myself in English

and others

Shabad Kirtan by Sriman Sant Pritam Singh Ji Dumelivale and others

All papers are to be collated and published by Nirmal Panchayti Akhara afterwards

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Seminar finished. The title was the 'bahupakhi den' of the Nirmale and many pakhis were considered. Maha seva of Sriman 108 Sant Jodh Singh Ji of Nirmal Ashram and Sriman 108 Mahant Balwant Singh Ji Secretary of Panchayti Akhara Nirmala and pradhan of Akhil Bharatiya Akhara Parishad. Many many mahapurush were there who gave wonderful lectures. Very pleased to hear the highly learned pravachans of Sant Darshan Singh Ji Shastri Kashi vale, Sant Jasvinder Singh Ji Shastri and Sant Jail Singh Ji Shasrti, all three part of a new generation of Nirmale. Gyani Sher SIngh Ji Ambale spoke very well about the need for Nirmale to teach the pracharaks in punjab advaitavad (the topic of my paper) in order to combat the prachar of sikh missionary vale. Very impressed with Mahamandaleshvar Mahant Surinder Muni Ji Udasin and the way he spoke about Sant mahapurush generally. My guru Sant Sher SIngh Ji Patiala vale spoke on the origin of the Nirmal Panth which caused small stirs of controversy on the issue of locating the relative place of the Nirmal Panth. Sant Balwant Singh Kotha Guru Ji spoke wonderfully on Gyani Gyan Singh Ji and others. Mahant Amrik Singh Ji spoke on the very interesting topic of the ayurvedic tradition among Nirmale. The full paper should make for very interesting reading. Jathedar Trilochan Singh Ji announced that the recent hukamnama from Akal Takhat about the importance of Udasin and Nirmale, that they are part of the Panth, etc will be printed in english, hindi and punjabi on the SGPC website imminently.

The papers submitted will be published as a book by Panchayti Akhara Nirmala...

Although nothing is set in stone yet, following my paper and at the request of Sriman Sant Jodh Singh Ji, Sriman Bhekh Bhushan Sri Mahant Ji and Secretary Sahib it was announced before the khat darshani sadhu samaj that I will on behalf of and with the support of Panchayti Akhara Nirmala be arranging and holding the first seminar on the Nirmal Sampradaya in London next year! No info yet on who will be attending from over here in Haridvar. Kam expect an incoming pm requesting your seva!!!

In case anyone is interested Sriman Mahant Bhagvant Bhajan Singh Ji will be holding another seminar at Guru Nanak University on the Nirmala Sampradaya and Baba Buddha Ji on the 14th of February (I think).

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