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Female Granthi's

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i think it was guru amar daas jee who set up manji's for preaching sikhi, and he gave a little less than half of those positions to females

this was one of the first times that females were given equal status to men -- they were actually allowed to preach sikhi... in many other religions, females weren't even allowed to take part in certain prayers..

i think our coming generation is a lot more open minded, and many of these youth are starting to look at sikhi how it REALLY is, rather than how all of the culture-brainwashed parents have told us... even at sikh youth programs nowadays, i see more girls taking part in doing ardaas and other seva, which wasn't too common a few years back.. hopefully with some time, there will be more female granthis.. and degh servers too :wink:

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Its just men who r trying to keep women down a lot of the time, despite that there is supposed to be total equality i our religion...a lot of Sikh men have a backward attitude, forgetting the wonderful teachings of our religion and adopting a defensive stance towards the threat of women to take the rights which belong to them

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you say that youngsters today are beginning to see true sikhi??

i disagree with that....if anything i think we are the ones who missed on one of the most important principles of sikhi...pyaar towards each other...

and also too much manmat today....

its ridiculous...look at the posts on homosexuality...or more extremely, dating!!

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