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Sri Gur Panth Prakash

Genie Singh

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On page 31 of the book it shows Banda Singh Bahadur to be a traitor, someone who practiced magic, made a new religion, wore red, used the fateh darshan greating, induldged with many women, had a book of magic, insulted the gurus, lost his powers, went against mata sundri and gurus, in the end was his own doing to his loose. this seems different to the history we get taught that people say comes from suraj prakash granth?

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Oh okay I just read through portions of the sri gur panth prakash and noticed it was written by a muslim author in a time which the book itself said muslims hated sikhs (well those in limelight, not forgetting new converts and those on the sufi path trying to live basic inmaterial life's compared to the material who became filled with hatred) even the mughals tried discredit the sikhs entirely. So the author painted all the supernatural elements of sikh history as tricks even guru gobind singh ji and declared banda singh bahadur as just a maniac driven away from everyone when it seems the mughals are the voice of reason.

It painted a big picture of heroic muslims as pathans who did so much for the gurus even to be against there own people in high signs of respects was a nice read however inaccurate to a high degree and something can't be trusted. The mecca story was interesting because it talked about a door being closed upon baba ji entering and leaving opening.

What we learn from other stories is maharaj stayed in a room named as the hind wali, as is many places donated as hind wali understanding guru nanak to be a sufi as many sufis are heretics this story showed him to deny prophethood of muhammad so to paint him as misunderstood as was later sikhs from the authors perspective however holds in tact that sikhs ultimately won a battle with every odd against them in odds which seemed impossible, it shows a big difference between sikhs of that generation and today with the out of the box thinking, full of dreams/aspirations, who looked forward with huge plans which worked out through co-operation.

It also showed signs of the days we have today and gives clues to how they were overcome out of all odds. We see the mughal raj was prophecised by guru nanak and left the lodis with a curse after the abuse they gave to guru sahib, it shows babur was a disciple of the gurus and they had an alliance until aurangzeb was fed up of what he deemed all hocus-pocus witch craft going on a witch hunt to which he sees himself as a hero.

However he failed to understand mughal diplomacy which made them powerful. The end of the Sikh rule might seem tragic but the history shows it came about due to great hard work full of sacrifices, some peoples greed got in the way of the whole thing which ruined the civilisation which leads to today which makes you wonder how sikhs are really even alive today when it seems impossible, which makes you think out of all the politics there has been some good politics.

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