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Telephone Scam

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Just to let you guys know of a new scam.

Today we received a phone call from guy in India. Speaking in Hindi, he claimed to be from Virgin Media and told me that we had won a lottery and requested my personal details; specifically asking for my name and bank details. When I joked that he should just send me a blank cheque he hung up.

Several minutes later we received another couple of calls from India. This time it was a middle aged lady speaking in Panjabi. Again, she said the same thing and wanted my bank details. When I stated that she should keep the money, she started getting a bit aggressive saying that God has blessed us with money and I am ridiculing it. Eventually, another panjabi speaking guy in the background told her to hang up.

This seems to be a desi, pendu version of the Nigerian lottery scam.

I ask you to pass the message on to friends and family esp your elderly members who are most likely to get duped into this especially seen as it is another Panjabi speaker on the other side.

BTW I tried to trace the number (1471), but nothing shows up.

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Also off topic but, I have noticed that there's a few singhs who come to Hounslow after new years day and give small calendar style religious pictures door to door and expect some cash in return.

The same guys have been coming for a few years, i looked to my relatives side this year when they usually come, the faujis in kurteh pajameh were handing the kachis a picture of Gunpathi.

Does this happen in any other parts? This year and last I refused to take it and shut the door, the maya is just going into their pockets. right or wrong?

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eh ta sahi gal hai...this is called blackmail begging, tell them to carry osama's pic and beg in paki mosques...they will get paid in dinars and riyals !

lol i've heard of this but haven't come across it myself. But what if they only want Rupees to spend at Glassy Junction?

However I have been asked on two separate occasions - once in central london and then later in Birmingham, by some panjabi guys spinning a story that they have come to visit the town, had their wallet lost/stolen and if they can borrow some money for a coach/train to their home (some little town in the provinces of britain).

SCAM!!!!! and pretty convincing too. The guys doing this method a really good at it.

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Theres someone i know had a similar experience in the sense they were told they won £250,000 and they needed a deposit of £300 before they could release the money . After a lengthy conversation , they person they called told them to deduct the £300 from their winnings and post the cheque with the remaining amount .

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This scam seems to be quite widespread. We had some guy telephone and say we had won the lottery. My mother took the call and the guy speaking in Punjabi told her that she had won the lottery and that she needed to deposit £300 into a bank account he gave her. The bank account he told her was in Dubai in the name of some paki called Muhammed Mansha. The guy also asked her questions like who pays the phone bill and other bills etc. He told her to not tell anyone about the win and to not put the phone down. I was on my way home and rang and couldn't get through. When I got home she told me what had happened. She had just left the phone off the hook. Knowing this to be a scam I just hung up the phone. Within 10 seconds the phone rang and some guy spoke in Punjabi asking if the money had been transferred. I shouted down the phone..teri ma...*(%$£ etc. After a tirade from me he hung up!

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