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Buddi Maala Parvaan Nahi?

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the person meant that it is way harder to meditate in oldage as compared to teenage and grihast jeevan. (this, even i agree, only if that person have never done bhagti.. otherwise bhagti gets intense as u grow older)

first of all.. physically he/she is weak... then he/she has done so many bad karams.. that it is the karams that makes the bhagti of an old person hard... so its rare that a person in oldage gets the realization..

in essence of this hardness and rareness its ok to say that "buddi mala parvaan nahi.". u have done so many bad karams that even if u try bhagti.. because of being habitual to bad practices it very very hard to mold an old person way of life towards bhagti.

old people doing amrit chakk just for getting saved is worthless.. as for the example sau chuhe kha ke billi hajj ko chali

--- again, not my points... i beleive the opossite.. but i cudnt express in words.. mayb even i m wrong.. so need sangat's opinion!


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Maybe, if we can say so, that a person, may have, been given a certain amount of money. And it is left up to the person to invest this money according to his own whims and desires. There are 3 things he can do with this money:

1. Invest in some wise business ventures that will give him good profits.

2. Just keep the money and only spend on neccesities like food etc.

3. Spend the money on enjoyments drink drugs clubs etc.

Only in the first case if the person is wise and has good advice from the elders as to what business will be successful, will he increase what he has been given. In the other two cases the money given will be lost. No. 2 the money will be finished when the person dies and no.3 the person may become bankrupt before he dies. In reality most people use their money in a combination of these three ways. Some people who have knowledge will make a good business investment and then use this on enjoyments, thus cancelling out the profit they have earned. And also money has to be spent on everyday things like eating etc. The truly wise use the profits they make to help and uplift other good businessmen, so good business ethics is maintained. It goes without saying if it were not for these good businessmen no one would have any money and the world would end.

Another point is that the money that a person starts with is different, some people have more and some have less. Also some very rare individuals can obtain money directly from the Banker, but few are trusted with such a privelage. Also the money can be stolen so you have to be careful.

Even if a person wastes all his money on enjoyments in youth, even if he has one penny left he still has the choice to invest it wisely in a profitable business, he only must have a strong wish to do so. And then this investment will give him benefits.

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to add to MJ's post.

If you start investing at a young age you will (hopefully) end up with with a lot more than if you would have started investing in old age. Also it is easier to get into the good habits of saving/investing in youth than it is in old age. There is less perceived or actual effort involved.

Same can be said for starting to do bhajan/bandgi in life.

I'm sure MaskeenJi said the same in some katha on alpha etc channel.

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I might be totally off, but as per my understanding of "buddi maala parvaan nahi hondi" means that "Old string of beads" is not good for meditation. "Maala" means string of beads and does NOT mean old age women.

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