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Jay Leno & Golden Temple

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I'm sure all you guys have heard about the 'insult' by Leno re: Harmandir Sahib. Its all over the mainstream western media.

I'm feeling a bit dazed and confused.com here. I just thought it was a plain joke made by leno and/or his scriptwriters. The only thing I would complain about is the taste/quality of his humour/joke. Afterall, he is an American humouring an American audience. I may be missing something. But where is the insult that caused such a scandal and 'hurt the sentiments' of SIkhs and Indians?

Presently ,I do feel that we are all a bunch of big girls blouses and wusses.

SOmeone, help me out here......

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I dont see the joke as that harmful either. If this is a case of SIkhs being fed up with JL for this 3rd joke against Sikhs, why did we let him get so far? We should have come down on him hard after the 1st joke, not wait for the most innocuous joke of the lot before going nuts. Add to this how Indian politicians are making capital out of this, something Sikhs seem oblivious to.

What do Sikhs want? It's a big world were people can do what they want. What good is an apology? Does it save face? Does it make you think that the person apologising is showing humility? An apology is just that, it means pretty much nothing.

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