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i have been takng iron supplements because of anemia, but i just dont seem to be taking the iron into my body. My nails only have a slightly red colouring now. Is there anything that i should/could be taking with the iron tablets to help absorbtion into the body?

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Its usually difficult for the body to absorb iron from pills. The reason is that its sourced from inorganic stuff ie metal iron. Iron from living beings ie organic iron eg red meat or plants like saag/palak are better absorbed; in other words have better bio-availabilities. Iron supplements are made from the cheapest ingredients.

You have two options:

1. Double or treble your daily dosage. This will allow more iron to enter the system. But this may also bring other problems with it such as iron toxicity by having too much iron floating about in the digestive system. Also over dosing on the rubbish they out in tablets as fillers. preservatives, and stabilisers. But at least you will be As Hard As Nails!!!!!

2. Better option is to massively increase your intake of green leafy vegetation and/or non-processed red meat. Ideally meat is better than vegetables.

In other words having this stuff in every meal.

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increase sarab loh diet.. cook dal in iron kadahis

there is some anecdotal evidence that using iron or copper vessels help by leaching its essence into the foodstuff. But I believe ingesting the iron , copper is better.

I use copper bracelets myself and know of many elite level atheles who do the same. But for most of us wearers its a case of 'no harm in trying' and it looks nice! The same is with using iron vessels, there is no harm in trying.

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the UN WHO actually decided to distribute cast iron vessels b/c the iron is more bioavailable than that from iron pills (also cheaper). you need to use a metal karshi to scrape the sides as you cook in it. i have also heard that iron from iron karas does get absorbed into the body, this from a phd in biochemistry.

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If you are facing anemia it may be possible that you would face hair loss. Iron is a useful element that is necessary for production of haemoglobin, a protein, in our red blood cells. Haemoglobin is quite important to fix oxygen in our lungs and transport it to all cells of our body. Hair follicles that produce hair are affected by Iron deficiency. Iron could be taken as iron supplements through medical supervision or by eating iron rich foods such as spinache, apple, raisins, beans, and lentils.

To increase iron absorption in your body eat vitamin C rich foods such as, lemon, aamla, orange, kinoo, mango, pineapple, papaya, strawberries, and bell peppers.

I think it would help you.

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Have spinach beetroot and tomato blended together and drink it in juice form add an inch of ginger too. You can add a dash of salt and lemon too. Make sure you wash the spinach , thoroughly rinse it . Just dip it for a few seconds in warm water which is even better.

Veggies and fruits dark in colour will benifit you . Black grapes are another rich source . As suggested by our brothers cook in sarbloh as much as possible , the dal cooked in sarbloh tastes yummy. I just love to cook in sarbloh thats been even before i came to know after getting associated with Sikhi.

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