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Needs Some Advice/support


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Dear Brothers, Pls help me out

I find myself in the situation that I may be laid-off at work. Now I have lots of responsibities financially and will loose everything if I get laid-off and the prospects of new work are really not that good.

I had also been laid off many years ago and it lead to about 5 years of really bad times, and we have just now re-built ourselves only to have the same situation back.

I find myself in this situation doubting God as the helper and the "completer" of our tasks (Karaj). So many questions arise in my mind as to why this keeps happening in life. Going through the situation doesn't make me more strong I feel more and more weak when I think about it. There is a constant fear always in the back of my mind a sort of trauma.

I don't find that deep down inside me that I trust God/Guru to help me and that he will actually do anything for me. I used to be firm believer in the setting the number of paats for a certain task (Shabad Sidhi), by the way this would be on top of my regular nitnem, but now I find myself doubting everything that maybe it's all chance and will God realy listen.

I find myself questioning whether everything is just chance - you do ardaaas for something and it is just chance that it may or may not be fullfiled. Some prayers are answered and some not.

I don't know maybe I am just selfish but I hate going through this crap all the time. I really just don't know what to do and really fear going through difficult times again.Like it was really bad at a point.

I feel as if I have lost faith. Bani doesn't seem to give me peace anymore, the gurdwara just seems to be a place of rituals.

I now Bani says accept what will come and keep saddness and happiness as the same, etc, etc but it just doesn't matter to me anymore and I am really frustrated. When things come to your livelihood it really effects your thinking.

Then I think back to so many situations in our history. Not everybody would have kept there faith during hard times ex 1947, 84 massacres, and so many other hard times. We mostly higlight those who kept the faith but I think sometimes that they were only a handfull and the majority didn't.

I don't know guys just trying to make sense of all this.......which makes me think we don't have any counsellors.......the granthi's usually don't care..........Bani I am not sure for the most part what it means to tell me in this situation......where does a person turn to to get help???So I am asking you guys.........Need help brothers........

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Hang in there bro ,

Waheguru will definitely help you , have faith , listen to this beautiful shabad ...., We all have our ups and downs , we have to be strong , remember waheguru , talk to waheguru in whatever way form you want , Waheguru will definitely help you , if listening to Gurbani can cure cancer , i'm ceratin waheguru will help your cause .

Everytime you start feeling down or have doubts listen to Kirtan , listen to the shabad attached below .

Tu mera rakha sabni thai

Ta bho keha kara jiyo

You are my Protector at every place

then why should I have any fear?

Tumari kirpa te tudh pachana

Tu meri ot tu hai mera mana

By Your Grace, I have realized You.

You are my support, You are my honour

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lets see, you must be the only one in the wolrd at this time having hardships, yeah?

the starving children around the world, the poor people who get caught in the crossfire of the bigger powers, people who get their heads cut off, people executed by states for voting the worng person, they must be really glad they're not in your shoes bro, cos then life would really be unbearable wouldnt it?

I'm gonna take a leaf out of DalSinghs book here, and be forthright and say dont be such a wimp/pussy/fag. The world is full of people like you, and beleive me, the problems i have at this time make me want to go crazy, but i accept them as a test, and God-willing i will eventually overcome.And then when i look at peopel who really have problems, i thanjk God that my problems arent as big as their's.

lsiten to this:

http://www.gurmatveechar.com/audio and go to no 17, Sahansar Daan de inder ro aaya.

then you will understand. And forgive me if you feel i havent been sympathetic.

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Singh no doubt being out of work is hard. It demotivates and bums people. But thats the time you gota take charge and take responsibility of your life and your destiny. If someone wont offer you work, find it. There are many less professional jobs that can be done until you find your feet again Career-wise. Gain new skills that are more in demand. Muster up the courage and set up your own business. Something with less set-up costs. Make this a long-term project.

Bro without divulging my personal life on here, believe me I've been kicked down a lot harder and lower than most people I come across. We all have doubts until we accept it is our own shortcomings in not being stronger, bolder, smarter and walking the walk by carrying ideas through to completion.

GurKirpaa i've turned this around. 3/5 major life steps taken and Guru Maharaj is supporting me through each one.

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the law of karma, is the law working in the Triloki(physicall, astral, causal) creation.

We have all heard, as you sow,so you get.

We must keep in mind, that whatever happens to us, is nothing but our own created karmas, may they be of the past, but of course they are our very own.

Nothing is beyond it reach. Whatever pain, suffering we get, is our own account. Nobody can do you any harm, or you get less or more, than what is written in your destiny. All our friends, foes, relations, friends, family members, failures, success...is nothing but an adjustment of inter relation karmic account.

So please, do nobody ever blame beloved Wahiguru. He is not responsible for our destinies...we are the makers of our own.

I do totally sympathise your sorrowful condition, but please, do understand the laws of mother Nature....He can not be bribed, or do any favoritism to anybody.... He can not go against His own laws.... He is not like we corrupted people, that wherever we are, we want to manipulate the conditions in our favour....

We should learn, to be honest, by respecting the laws of Nature , and act accordingly. People wrongly think, that Wahiguru makes some rich, others poor, others sick, others with other sort of problems...... That is totally wrong. It is Dharam Rai, who administrates justice in this Triloki creation, not Wahiguru....

Thank Him for that, because if He were to judge us, there would no other to seek refuge....

He can do anything, but not judge us....

And do you know why?

Because He is an Infinite Ocean of mercy.... Because of this His main virtue, He is known as Dayal Purukh also.

Karmas work beyond our logic. Dhritrashtra was blind since biirth. Once he asked Krishna, why was he blind? With his "yog tap", he had gone 99 lives back, and could not see any action or karma performed by him as to make him blind. So Krishna with his own power, made him go 5 lives further, means in his 104th back, he made him see, that he was sitting near a pond, and with something pointed, he took out the eyes of a worm or insect maybe .... so you see, it is not at all in one´s hands, when or how is your karma going to come on the surface of your life ... or how it will affect you.... Karmas are very strange, for our understanding, but not because of that unjust.....

If one really wants Wahiguru to help one .... let us try to reach the stage of Consciousness, where He really is, and see it for ourselves.

The question then maybe, how to do that?

Well according to Gurmat, that is not difficult at all.

Do Nam Simran, make yourself pure paviter, and reach at His Lotus Feet, bow before Him baaram baar... and see for yourself then, what the answers He gives you .... I doubt, you may have any then, because by reaching His level, automatically you also aquire the wisdom of His Bhaana, His Mauj....

Our beloved Sachaay Patshah Guru Arjun Dev Maharaj, was all powerfull, why the hell He had to undergo the pain on Himself, of the hatred of the ill minded people... If He wished, He could just finish them by His will .... in seconds ...

But, did He do that?

No. Why?

Christ also was crucified.

So painful, and dread also, isn´t it?

And yet He said: let Thy will be done.

Being one with Akal Purukh, does not mean, one starts behaving as one wants and manipulating Nature...rather one acts more responsibily by respecting the laws of Nature.

That is the difference, between us petty minded humans and them, the universal minded, Gurmukhs.

These Gurmukhs do not live by their will, but by His will. By His will, they come, stay and go. It it on them depended, they would never ever come here, the valley of pain and misery.

But because of their love for Wahiguru, they come by his Hukum, to help us, the blind and ignorant, to help us cross this huge Bhavsagar....

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Most of us have wrong impressions of what Wahiguru is, or what He can do...

We take Him mostly like a wish fulfiller... like the genie of Aladino´s lamp...

For example, in reference to the present topic; we see an apple tree.... we know that, if we are seeing this tree, is because the apple seeds were planted.

While planting any seeds, we have the choice to decide what we want. But once the tree has grown up, with all its leaves, trunks and branches, no matter how much you pray ..... the apples can not be changed into potatoes.

And not because, He is supposed to do the changes; but because whatever happens, happens according to the perfect laws of Nature, and these laws were established by the only One Perfect Creator, Akal Purukh.

And so if He is Perfect, let us think, do we want to tell Him, this is wrong what is happening, so now change it, because Your planning and laws do not apply to my logic and thinking....

It is an absurd and inmature thinking... we are the imperfect ones, and we are telling Him, what He should do or not do....and then too we challenge Him, by saying, as You do not have the powers to adjust my karmas as per my view, I have lost all faith in You, so now I do not believe in You...

What a shame....

He who has nourished us, when we were in our mother´s womb...He who is the support of even of our heartbeat, the very loving protector of our souls... and we deny Him?

Our shame and ignorance has no limits...

When everything turns against us, we should hold on Him, even more tightly.

Because when He sees, that His child inspite of all his karmas against him, calls on Me alone for grace...

Then He does not withold His unlimited Daya Meher ...

He gives us the support from within. No matter how so ever ferocious is the storm, or even Tsunamis or earthqukes...

He will protect us, He will not change His laws, but yes, He will give us the strength from within, to face anything with calmess and full faith.

So next time, let us think twice, or even a thousand and a one times, before uttering any nonsense from our mouths.

Otherwise as we are already condemmed, we shall also loose the only ray of hope, which is none other than Sachay Patshah Akal Purukh.

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