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Aad Chand

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Just dont tell certain people .....

LOL! What would happen if we told stuff regarding the khanda women before they try and take khanday dee pahul amrit?

Also they sell the one on the left at Havelock, if you talk to the guy, but I think the bigger one they have is different

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these are decorative symbolising the handles of the sword

ok, but then here are 2 pictures that state otherwise:



"Photo 4 of 15

Reading the Granth Sahib

Photographer Hannah P. Adams, ca. January 24, 1906, silver gelatin print, Darbar Sahib, Amritsar, SSB Collection

A Sikh reading the Guru Granth Sahib at the Darbar Sahib complex. He wears a dark (likely blue) turban and robes with an unusual Aad Chand composed of only the Shiva crescent moon symbol and two decorative balls below without the central khanda sword.


Photo 5 of 15

Nihang Warrior

ca. 19th century, wall mural, Gurdwara Baba Atal, Amritsar, photographer Satpal Singh Danish, Panjab Digital Library

This Nihang wears the Shiva Chandra moon on his turban with two decorative balls below it, the Shiva crescent moon also appears on his dhal shield. The large khanda sword emblem in his turban does not appear between the curves of the Shiva crescent moon or near it. The two decorative balls below the crescent are thus not the handle of a sword, but some other meaningful elements of the emblem."

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they make it easier to tie with thora :)

the fact that they appear without the khanda actually serves to demolish the theory of them being testicles to a phallus!

if they are to represent anything, they could easily be the handles to two kirpans, if not that like i said, they make it easier to tie with a tora.

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I quite like that idea.... then again maybe thats where the insult 'd1ckhead' has come from!!


If we look at the pics above , and any of the guys at your local gurdwara, you dont usually see those being used to secure the tora. Plus just look at the size of them? When I firt saw them I did think they were small bells.

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