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Maratha - Yudh Kala


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This is near enough the same as Gatka, just a showmans art. The Martial Art mastered by Martha Guerilla Forces during their yudh with the Mughals was definately more lethal and efficent than this stick spinning. I wonder if the Shastar Vidya used by puraatan Nihang Singhs was one and the same used by Maratha Forces or were there differing versions of the art all over india. Was the vidya different in North, Central and South India?

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The so-called stick twirling probably supports the argument that Gatka is a martial art and not just for show. The fact that this is close to Gatka shows that these two martial arts have come down and are still practised in modern times in two places a thousand miles away. Unless you believe that the British also ordered the shot on sight orders on Mahrata warriors and the original Mahrata martial art died out! Maybe there's some factory worker in Mumbai who has discovered the 'real' Mahrata martial art and is now claiming to the 'last' mahrata warrior!

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I see where you are coming from, but if you ask any fighter, whether eastern martial artist or western. They will all agree that there is nothing 'martial' about stick twirling/gatka. No way on gods earth can this be utilised in any form of combat.

If one were to state that its a martial sport - ie games or a play derived from a fighting system, then yes I would agree with that.

But really no way can you still argue that gatka is a martial art!!

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