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Socialising/meetup In Brum

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You haven't seen her, have you?

You cant miss her, she'll be shining like a star!!


Don't you mean 'shining like the sun'?

Actually, if opposites attract, you need to be looking for your chandrma!

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Gawd... not chanderMA. too old!

Hang on!

I didn't think you was a spring kookar either? lol

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My bad!


I looked it up and ਕੁੱਕੜ is indeed

noun, masculine admin cut, rooster, male fowl

I was trying to get at the fact that you possibly weren't a spring c0ck anymore, as in male version of a chicken .... (boy that just sounds SO wrong....) hee hee hee

I'm getting vintage myself actually.......lol

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sorry the way you wrote it in roman it sounded like :


which means dog.

Kukkar of course means rooster.

The difference is a between a long and short 'u' and the 'r' at the end, one being a standard R and the other the retroflex rolling type.

How linguistically geeky is it that we can talk like this..........lol

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