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Pics Of Old Town Amritsar


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Here are some of the pics I took of old town Amritsar last Autumn.

Those of you who have read records of Amritsar of old ( esp the latest Golden Temple book by Kashi House) will know that it was a beautiful city.

Whilst walking to the outlier gurdwaras I walked past these buildings and thought I'd take some pics. No doubt very soon these will be destroyed in the name of modernisation and beautification.

One of the pics has a date of about 1938 though I believe that some of these buildings are way older.

I just love the artistry of the brickwork as well as the paintings.

There is a blurred picture there. Above the door/window frame is what I think is a vessel built into the building. I suspect that this is to hold some kind of diva.

I later went to Sultanpur Lodi and came across a townhouse with a wooden gateway leading onto it. The wooden beams were at least a foot thick and the exquisite carvings made into it were simply mind blowing. As I stood there staring at these peoples house a young guy walked up to me and asked me to come inside. I first refused (out of desi kindness) but when he insisted I was thankful that I did go in. He showed me the architectural work in the inner courtyard.

Going in you walk through a tunnel made of the old style bricks, all arranged so that they made pretty patterns and shapes; all curving over your head. Inside his grandfather showed me the rest of the beams in the building archways. Again stunning patterns of birds and flowers carved into it. About 15ft in length. the grandfather told me that all this existed for many decades, even before the time of his elders! Well over 100years old.

On the floor were piles of hardwood timber all cut up into planks. I thought it was timber for some DIY work. The grandfather informed me that it is all the original wood that they had taken out of the house and had cut up into planks to sell onto some timber merchants. He proudly showed how good quality the timber was after all these generations/decades. I had a heavy feeling in my heart that such beautiful historic art work is now to be used as firewood!

Unfortunately, I did not have my camera with me then so regrettably could not take away any pics; only pictures I could take were with my memory.


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If anyones interested there is an old fort in Sultanpur Lodi town centre. It may be Mughal era.

Currently being used as a Police HQ.

When I saw it I decided to go walkies, and just walked straight in and wandered about the complex........no questions asked, just a few stares from some Polsee. Sums up the security state there.

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Its the marble and bathroom tile mentality combined with an influx of rupees.

If you go to Batala you can see the summer palace of Maharaja Sher Singh.

The actual palace is now the offices of the local college. Its stunning from the out side but when you go in it looks exactly like any other government office - totally whitewashed inside :(

nearby the is a massive park like grassed off area with a beutiful old building in the middle. The grassed area surrounding it is lower than ground level. Its all closed off and decrepit state.

I found out that this is the Boudoir of Maharaja Sher Singh which was surrounded by a lake (ie the sunken area around it). You had to take a boat and row to get to building. Apparently he used it when he was entertaining his totty and wanted to be alone. Again its all in a rotten state.

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I wish I had the money to go on jollies like him.

I just do what I'm able to in terms of showing the world what we are about to destroy and what we had. Thats if I remember to keep a camera with me!!

Whats happened to him anyway? Think he's been kidnapped by some tribesmen when he went to take pics of them?

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