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Fenugreek And Cholestrol

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I have a shameful secret.

It seems that my body needlessly produces excess cholesterol - regardless of what I eat..... : (

Found this very interesting study with Fenugreek. Thought I'd share. The higher dose figures are pretty impressive (check teh tables) though I'm not too sure about the experimental design. I'm told that such things needs to be 'double blind studies'.

G Kaur pan jee - any thoughts?


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Hello everyone,

First of all please please get real knowledge about your body and not the information that mainstream media and today's most of the doctors tell us. High Cholesterol levels are not the only cause for Heart problems and High Cholesterol levels are NOT because of foods. Most of the Cholesterol is developed by our Liver. Do NOT take Cholesterol controlling drugs.

Tip: You can take Cinnamon (Ceylon only and NOT Cassia) with RAW honey (unheated, unfiltered, unproccessed, totally natural) with water on room temperature before doing to bed and first thing in the morning. But do NOT take it for too long.

So, in my option, one needs to take care of Liver in order to control cholestrol. Moreover, Cholesterol is required by body. The following articles might help you to know yourself better. These articles are from a doctor with 30 years of practice.






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Nice one for that das. Will look at it.

GKaur: About Ezetrol, I'm trying to avoid such things. Keeping it natural.

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Two books i highly recommend:

HERBS THAT HEAL, published in India. I bought this from those 'Bass Adaa book wala' stands many decades ago. It sparked my interest in herbalism and alternative medicine. It contains details about how to use the herbs (- common stuff from indian stores) for ailments.

DR ATKINS COMPLETE GUIDE TO NATURAL HEALTH. Brilliant books on vita nutrients, vitamin therapy and using herbs for modern western lifestyle ailments. This will really go into depth about cholesestral , BP, sugaar etc.

Defo should be translated into Panjabi for our folks to read when they get together and moan about their diseases.

Oh and dont let the fact that its by Dr Atkins put you off. This book is stand alone and you dont have to go on the Atkins diet - though doing that diet alone may hep your cholestral levels

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Hard to know what to make of modern medical science these days.

Some people feel that saturated fats are demonised and that the research upon which all the cholesterol scare is based is flawed. hmmm....

Could the medical establishment really have got it all so wrong??

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I tried the powdered methi seeds for a while and it shot up my HDL (that's the 'good' cholesterol) but it does make your armpits hum a bit! lol

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