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New Gurdwara In Wolverhampton?

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yeah a flippin waste of money by the sikh community.

Basically the rangarhia board from newbury st, bought it to convert it into a gurdwara about 5 years ago. they repaired the building only for gypsies to move in and trash the place. A year later when they got it back fom the gypos they had to start all over again, and then they repaired it, and it got vandaliazed veryb regulalry. so basically after 5 years the ramgarhia are still trying to repair the building.

They want to sell the newbury st gurdwara and move here.

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I always knew these ramgarhia folk had tons of money.

I would assume that they will get this built and then it will be empty diwan halls until SUnday mornings. I wonder if they can fill such large 'temples of money and power'?

Oh well I'm sure its a good financial investment for them.

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